Your First Prohormone Cycle

You're going to feel like a bad ass biker when you take your first cycle for a test drive!

You’re going to feel like a bad ass biker when you take your first cycle for a test drive!

Here is the deal: if this is your first prohormone cycle, or if you think your an expert, it doesn’t matter;  I am going to lay out how I think you should go about things.

Step One: Learn to Lift

If you can’t lift don’t bother taking steroids or prohormones. It’s a waste. I have a plethora of training articles but some basic things:

*Lift sets of 6-12 upper body 10-20 lower. Use enough volume that your sore for 1 to 2 days, if your sore beyond that it’s too much volume or not  enough calories.

*Read my workout splits article.

*Read my Back, Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, and Legs articles or use the basic workout routine from 30 Day Transformation if you aren’t an expert level bodybuilder. If you’re reading an article on your first cycle your probably not an expert bodybuilder.

*Read my Mass Building For Skinny Guys article, it applies to newbies (less than 10 years lifting) and ectomorphs and hard gainers.

*All sets to failure or beyond if you’re serious about succeeding.

Step 2: You Need To Eat Right

Memorize and execute either the diet in 30 Day Transformation or if you’re a hardgainer/ectomorph or a teenager use the diet in Mass Meals For Skinny Guys.

Step 3: Cycle

Start natural, use a natural test booster like Rise and Swell to see how your body responds. You may find that just diet and training and a natural test booster may get you through your plateau. EXTRA DRUGS DO NOT MAKE YOU GAIN MUSCLE FASTER. The maximum rate of muscle synthesis is 0.5 – 1.0 lbs a week. If you’re gaining weight at that rate and your not getting softer then you’re gaining muscle at the maximum rate. For more info on Rise and Swell click here! Or for the video click Here!

After 2 weeks of this add in Natadrol, this is 2 different natural test boosters, a SARM, and Cissus which increases bone and tendon strength. This will make you stronger permanently and it also has nutrient partitioning effects and cortisol blockade, so your food builds more muscle and your stronger and your making more test and your joints are healthier. Its amazing!!! For more info on Natadrol click here!

After 2 more weeks add in 1-Andro. This is purely anabolic with no side effects. It does not convert to estrogen or DHT so there is no possibility for side effects, its just not possible through any established models of physiology. The only possibility for negative consequences is natural testosterone shutdown you get from all exogenous hormones but since our using Rise and Swell as directed that’s not going to happen. A university study showed that 1-Andro was as strong as testosterone enanthate in a mg for mg, 6 week study. This means there is no good reason to use anything else for your first cycle. For more info on 1-Andro click here!

Now it gets more complicated:

If you’re trying to lose fat add in Epiandro after 2 weeks of 1-Andro. So after 6 weeks you’re taking Rise and Swell + Natadrol + 1-Andro + Epiandro. Epiandro converts to Stanalone which burns fat, inhibits aromatase, increases strength. IT DOES NOT INCREASE SIZE thats what the Rise and Swell, Natadrol, and 1-Andro do. But since you’re trying to lose fat you’re in a calorie deficit so you can’t gain size anyway!

If you’re trying to gain mass: Add in TRN. TRN is a combination of EQ and DECA prohormones and an AI to keep all the gains dry and fat free. EQ and DECA are awesome for joint health and DECA is the best steroid for gaining mass, ever! For more on the complete liquid Labs line Click Here!

So now you have it, by the end of slowly adding compounds one at a time you have a killer side effect free cycle. If your cutting and your hair starts falling out drop the Epiandro, if your growing boobs or whining too much on the growth cycle cut the TRN in half. Thats it. you don’t need more complex or aggressive gear, you just have to use the right compound for the job in the right amounts at the right time of day with the right diet and training for you and your body type, commitment level, and experience level.

Your first cycle isn’t “mild” its appropriate for a virgin user. I myself am only on Rise and Swell and Reboot now and I look fine lol.

If you want a complete mass cycle for beginners get the Basic Mass Stack! It, like all my cycles, includes other components to regulate all hormones at the perfect time of day to get you the best results.

For a more advanced cycle try the Mind and Muscle Advanced Mass Stack, for advanced lifters who aren’t sure how to control every hormone.

For cutting cycles try the Mind and Muscle Basic Cut Stack  or the super  Mind and Muscle Advanced Cutting Stack!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside. The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only. All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise. Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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