Yohimbine Dosage

Yohimbine Dosage


Yohimbine is one of my favorite ingredients for both fat burners and for male sexual enhancers. It has been proven to work for helping people burn fat from stubborn fat regions on their body and it was the old gold standard for Erectile disfunction and most other male and female sexual disorders. The part everone messes up is the yohimbine dosage.

Yohimbine Over Dosage

Some people act like Yohimbine is dangerous but thats because it is also a MAO inhibitor and it likely makes these people psychiatric meds work differently. This makes them anxious or gives them side effects of other medications they are on. But below I will detail the safe dosing range for HEALTHY and MENTALLY HEALTHY people. People with pre existing conditions that involve the adrenal system/heart/anxiety or on medications that are not to be mixed with MAO inhibitors may have side effects from their health or medications, not from the yohimbine per se. This makes it hard to explain what the side effects are, they are dependant on the person, their emotional baggage, and the pills they are on for their emotional baggage.

For example:
“participants with less anxiety at baseline that receiving 15 mg yohimbine did not influence anxiety as measured by either EEG or self-report, while those with higher baseline anxiety experienced an exacerbation of anxiety on both measures; general arousal was increased in both groups.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9004342 (<– that’s the link to the quote)

However, 7% of caucasian people are sensitive to yohimbine, they don’t have the CYP2D6 enzyme to metabolize it and a little bit goes along way with these people. I dosed Mind and Muscle products with yohimbine at 3 mg per serving to account for this.

One cool drug interaction is yohimbine makes Ritalin work stronger! You can use less Ritalin to get the same level of focus if you stack the two to treat ADHD.

When do I take Yohimbine and how much do I take for fat loss?

Yohimbine’s claim to fame is that it can help women reduce body fat from their thighs and backs of their arms. The reason is estrogen, the female hormone, causes more fat locking receptors called alpha 2 to be found on the fat cells in those locations. Yohimbine is an alpha 2 blocker and thus would allow fat to be burned from those locations faster.

Lipotherm Y is a topical application of Yohimbine to target the fat cells but avoid getting the yohimbine into your system, this makes dosage less precise as not all people absorb topical compounds equally, but as no real amount makes it into your bloodstream even people sensitive to yohimbine should be fine.

In the case of oral administration, yohimbine should be taken on an empty stomach for maximum fat burning effects. You take your yohimbine first thing in the morning and right before you lift the two times of day your stomach should be as empty as possible, That is why I have yohimbine in Rise and Swell and Wyked 2.1, my first thing in the morning and pre workout supplements.

Yohimbine amplifies Ketogenesis, meaning it helps the liver make energy for your brain from fat when there are no carbs or insulin present in your blood. This is why yohimbine works best first thing in the morning and pre workout in a carb backloading diet; you have no insulin present and are primed for ketosis and thus maximum fat burning!

In English: This means If you take it on an empty stomach first thing and pre workout, and have no carbs all day until after your workout, you’ll burn more fat than if you don’t.

I dossed it at 3 mg at each of these times. Clearly below the threshold for reported side effects. Normal doses are anywhere from 15-30 mg of yohimbine and side effects don’t usually manifest until doses of 30-40 mg are exceeded.

ALWAYS do half dose of Yohimbine the first use. Mind and Muscle products do not have to be half dosed as I put 3 mg, not 15 or 30, in each serving of Rise and Swell and Wyked 2.1.

What is the Yohimbine Dosage for Appetite Suppression?

Obese rats were fed yohimbine and it reduced their food intake by 50% on day one, and 25% on day 13! This is another way it reduces body fat. The dose was 3 mg / Kg in rat which roughly translates to about 25 mg in a obese human. Surprisingly lean mice’s appetite was not reduced by this dose, but a dose of 5mg/ Kg roughly 40 mg in a human would work on lean mice (and humans ) as well.

What is the Yohimbine Dosage for Erectile Dysfunction?

For ED doses ranging from 5.4 mg to 30 mg were prescribed prior to the PDE5 inhibitors being invented (Viagra, Cialis). PDE5s work on a similar mechanism, allowing more Nitric Oxide to be released. But with yohimbine it also traps the blood in the penis, so the combination of Agmatine Sulfate, DAA, and Yohimbine found in Rise and Swell is ideal for helping with ED.

For more on information on Yohimbine Click Here!

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Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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