Wyked 3.0 and Intra Fuse: The Unbeatable Workout Combo

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When it comes to working out, many people love their pre-workouts. Since the rise of Jack’d 3D, the industry has been buzzing with pre-workout drinks. This started in 2008 and USP Labs sold a staggering $400 million dollars of Jack’d 3D between 2008-2013. Then, the FDA stepped in and summarily banned all products containing DMAA. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals took on the FDA in a law suit and until it is resolved, it is legal to sell DMAA. Although many people have used DMAA without issue, consumers are wary of using it for fear of illness. So with a vast array of products available, what pre-workout powder should someone use? For a cutting edge product without the amphetamine like stimulants, look no further than Liquid Labs Wyked 3.0. This is the best pre-workout that won’t leave you feeling “stimmed” out like a crackhead! Add that to Mind and Muscle’s Intra Fuse and you have your bases covered. Wyked 3.0 and Intra Fuse are the unbeatable workout combo.

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Wyked 3.0

This is the latest version of the famous Wyked line of pre-workout drinks. Wyked 2.1 was wildly successful but all good things come to an end and the next evolution comes down the pipe. Wyked 3.0 is completely reformulated to be even stronger than the prior versions. The caffeine was notched up to 250 mg per serving. It has 500 mg of agamatine sulfate which provides out of this world pumps. Yohimbine HCL allows for greater pumps and greater blood flow. It also has 4 grams of creatine, AKG, Betaine helps IGF levels and increases anabolism as a consequence. The carnitine aids in fat burning and a host of other metabolic processes. This product is not only highly effective, it tastes great as well. If you are looking for a great pre-workout that doesn’t make you feel like you have been on the pipe, this is your product!

Intrafuse (1)

Intra Fuse

This is a very cutting edge supplement in the are of intra-workout drinks. There is nothing on the market that takes advantage of HBCD and Hydromac Glycerol in the same formula. This will not only super hydrate your muscle cells, leading to greater performance, it also gives your body the energy supply to get through the most intense workouts.  The 2:1:1 BCAA ratio is awesome for triggering anabolism. Taurine is great for elevating mood and increasing exercise performance. Glutamine aids the body in gut health and immune function as well as anabolism. We also added Bitter Melon to aid proper delivery of glucose to the muscles and away from storage. This supplement is so well thought out because we were looking for a way to give consumers the ultimate peri-workout nutrition drink that could be brought to market. This is the the GAME CHANGER in workout nutrition.

How To Use Intra Fuse and Wyked 3.0

To prepare for your workout, mix your Wyked 3.0 and 1 scoop of Intra Fuse with 20 oz of water for your drive to the gym. Mix another 1-2 scoops of Intra Fuse in 20-40 oz with one scoop of LG BCAA and sip for the duration of your workout. This will give your body all the energy you need to blow through the most intense workouts, no questions asked. So, between the kick in the pants that you get from Wyked 3.0 and the energy you have from Intra Fuse, you should have amazing workouts every single time you go to the gym. Get yours today and start making real progress towards those physique goals you aspire to conquer!

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