Workout Splits Part 1

If you’re looking for an intellectual article about scientifically tested methods for how to break up your workouts this isn’t the article for you.  I’m here to give my opinion on why and how to break your body up in the way that countless IFBB Professional bodybuilders do it.  Why do you care what pro bodybuilders do? Although you may not want to be a pro bodybuilder its their job to build muscle and burn fat.  They are the best in the world at both.  Assuming advice from a invisible scientist on how to lift weights is more valuable than advice from an established bodybuilder would be like taking sex tips from a nun over a pornstar. Dumb. Unless that nun was a former pornstar….do i smell a screen play?!



 How long you take to recover from a workout is a major factor in growing muscle.  Steroids and prohormones may make you a little stronger, but the way they help you grow muscle is they allow you to train HARDER and MORE OFTEN.  So the next time someone says “He’s only big because he is using drugs.” Slap them.  The truth is all those drugs really do is allow someone to work harder and train more often, training beyond the normal human limit by taking superhuman amounts of healing hormones.  Steroids and growth hormone are prescribed every day to help people heal.  

How does this pertain to a workout split?  Simple; If you don’t attack a muscle so hard that it thinks it is going to die, then it won’t grow.  On the other hand, you should wait until it isn’t sore to train it again.  Thats where the hormones help.  With hormone supplementation a workout which would have you bedridden for 3 days you don’t even feel 2 days later.  

You won’t recover unless you’re eating enough, So cutting calories to try to stay lean usually results in you sabotaging your progress. If you’re trying to burn fat then eating less usually just slows your metabolism.  Follow my diet guidelines in ‘30 day transformation part 1’ for a starting point for food.  Part 3 has guidelines for making your own diet adjustments to keep the scale moving in the direction you want.  

 Typical procedure for a natural lifter is to hit each body part every 7 days.  If you recover faster than it is likely because:

1) Your not training hard enough

2) You recover fast

3) You’re taking something to speed up your recovery.

 If you’re not training hard enough, train harder.  Are you drenched in sweat? Are you dizzy after a set of squats? Do people ask you if you’re going to be ok? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then work harder.  Not like I’m ‘all that and a dime sack’ or anything but I lay down on the floor in between sets on most leg workouts. See a doctor for medical clearance to lift before you follow my advice, I don’t want you to die after all.  On at least one occasion I would put a new potential client through my Silver Sneakers workout and they would go hypo.  1 set of 20 reps for each major lift, Straight out of the NASM book, is enough to take out most people who go to the gym 5 days a week. If they do it right.  

Continued in Part 2!

And See Part 3!

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