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Hit it hardNo matter what your workout plan, there are some basic truths that we found for every person who is working out based on their particular workout by body type.  Different body types seem to have different needs as far as working out is concerned.  Of course these things won’t work for everyone, but we believe that these are some things to try when reaching your fitness goals.   Pretty much any workout plan will work with these tweaks.  These of course are just our opinion based on years of observation and research.

We believe that you should vary your machines and routines at least every 6 weeks to get the maximum benefit.

Before going further, understand that you need to be in good shape and consult a medical practitioner before starting any diet and exercise program.  Working out can cause major stress on your body and it is important to be in good physical condition.


Ectomorphs are the classic “hard gainers” that can’t seem to gain any mass.  These guys are naturally skinny and don’t carry much fat nor muscle.  These people don’t respond really well to supplements and get the most benefit from basics like Creatine and BCAA’s.  They also can benefit from insulin mimetics like ALA and bitter melon.  These body types benefit from slow exercises and very heavy weights (for them, not compared to other body types).  So, with whatever workout plan you use, make sure you tweak it to use heavier weights with less reps and very slow movement (10-15 count up and the same 10-15 count back down).   These slow movements will benefit the hard gainer by giving signals to the muscles to grow and give the appearance of extreme stress to the muscle, which is good for the hard gainer.   We want to trick the body into believing that we are in need of extreme change to survive.  So, getting as sore as possible with very slow repetitions and heavy weights is the goal!

Supplements that help ectomorphs

Andro Prohormones

BCAA’s as a drink all day (3-10g per day)

Creatine as a preworkout

Agmatine as a preworkout



Endomorphs are those that have a hard time losing weight and generally carry a fair amount of muscle but also more fat than they would like.  These people need to “trick” their body into believing that they need to move quickly and that they should be light and that food is plentiful.  This group needs to train their body into believing that they should be leaner.  Thus they should be grazing on lots of high protein food in small quantities during the day and staying away from carbohydrates for every meal except breakfast.  Enomorphs should do a combination workout regimen that includes any kind of workout you want and a second, quick workout another time during the day, preferably as far apart as possible. 

So, you can do any variety of weightlifting in the morning for example and then do a high rep set of exercises at night.  Also, it’s best to fit in as many traditional “callisthenics” during the day as possible.  For endomorphs it is important to stress the muscles numerous times during the day.  You don’t need to have the same stress as the above ectomorphs since your body is already built for carrying mass.   An example of a workout plan would look like this:

Morning – workout standard one body part per day at 4 sets of reps in a 12-10-8-8 using 60%-75% of 1RM (or any similar program)

Lunch – 20 push ups, 20 deep knee bends, 20 jumping jacks, 20 curls

Evening – Light workout program 25 reps per body part at 30% of 1RM covering every major muscle group.  

Supplements that help endomorphs

Dry Andro Prohormones

Green Tea Extract


Cayenne Pepper 


You are the lucky ones that are really a mix of ectomorph and endomorph, thus it is important decide on what your goal is before starting.  If your goal is to gain mass, then use the ectomorph tweaks and if your goal is to get shredded then use the endomorph tweaks.

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