Women and Prohormones A Physician's Opinion

Masculine mind, Feminine body: the perfect blend. Choose the right prohormone for your goals and this could be how men describe you!

Masculine mind, Feminine body: the perfect blend. Choose the right prohormone for your goals and this could be how men describe you!

Women and Prohormones: A Physician’s Opinion

Every day I have a woman contacting about if prohormones are right for her….No. Prohormones are cholesterol based compounds that either convert to testosterone in the human body; which is the parent male hormone, or a modified version of it. Women use estrogen and progesterone as their main sex hormones and in many ways they are opposite than male hormones. Women are made from sugar and spice and everything nice:) Men are made of dinosaur piss and the Devil’s toejam, we kick ass and take names and get yelled at by our significant others for being a total asshole because we are full of testosterone. Like liquid fire.

Why Not?

You see, all humans start as female. That’s why you’re a whiny little girl on the inside and you don’t want people to know, because you actually WERE a girl for about 12 weeks.  Male hormones are released if you have a Y chromosome during embryogenesis. The SrtY gene on the last chromosome is what makes your fetus shape change from having a vagina to a penis.

Thus when an adult woman takes MALE hormones she begins the process of MASCULINIZATION that did not occur when she was 12 weeks old because she had 2 X chromosomes not 1 X and 1 Y.

If you’re not worried about having a deep voice, or hair loss, or aggression, or an enlarged clitoris then have at it!

Why Should I?

Honestly, If i was a woman I would definitely use prohormones. Aside from the fat loss, clearer thinking, increased strength, and if you train for it, increased muscle size, the clitoral enlargement is PERMANENT and for ever after the woman can orgasm easier.

While on cycle women can’t control the male sex drive, In my experience. These women are just overwhelmed and can’t get enough sex. Even on a very, very low dose the sex drive is so much higher than anything they could possibly have with the minimal amount of testosterone a woman produces that they get to FINALLY experience what its like to be a man (total hell). Many became quite sympathetic for what we men go through. Why is this a good thing? Instant orgasm. Women orgasm as soon as it goes in and the Os keep rolling for as long as a guy can last (enter Rise and Swell).

Ladies, If you don’t like sex then DEFINITELY check it out, it will change your mind!

Now i have seen this with Anavar which is harmless and does not cause any other features of masculinization with doses 5-20 mg/day. Epi-1-Test is the closest thing to anavar that is legal.

I have seen more masculinizing effects from the injection of winstrol than anavar. When a girl shoots Winny which is an old school trick, They do get some more masculine subtle changes. so don’t do this.

Natadrol is not a prohormone per say and is popular with women, a low dose such as 2 or 3 caps a day should be fine for women for 4 weeks, then evaluate your voice. If its cracking like a 13 year old boy then it will adjust back to a feminine register in a few months. If it’s deeper its actually sexier assuming its not cracking. Obviously if your voice starts cracking cut your dose in half and if it doesn’t go back to non cracking in a week then just accept androgens are not for you:(

1-Andro is a good choice for putting on mass but not getting masculine. It will bind to the androgen receptor like test but there is no DHT, so masculinization is nearly impossible. This I would use at half dose and again evaluate after 4 weeks.

Women and Injections

Obviously all the peptide hormones are fair game; Growth Hormone, Igf-1, GhRP-6, GHRH and anything that isn’t a steroid hormone is androgenous. Either men or women can, and probably should, use them. Simply controlling how well your body burns fat and builds muscle and controlling the flow of carbs to your muscle and not your fat seems important for anyone who wants to look their best. Although not necessarily health promoting there are no real health issues possible without over use. Using Insulin and GH will make your look pregnant, Using GHRP and IGF-1 and MGF will trick your body into burning fat and building the muscles you want to build, although weaker its more control. I replicate all of this of course with Wyked and T2. If you want the benefits of peptides but don’t want to inject your muscles then Use Wyked. If you want to burn fat then T2 is the best thing for that for the price certainly.

As fat as women injecting steroids, don’t. I know some will use deca thinking its non-masculinizing. I disagree. I have seen women develop some masculine traits by using deca. Just like peanut butter if you tell them a tablespoon they take the whole jar. Women don’t like sticking to the prescribed amount any more than men do. They think if some is good, more is better. So although intermittent low dose shots like 100 mg every 2 weeks yields decreased chance of masculinization results for women than every 3-5 days shots like men do. The women will increase their use and become permanently masculinized. And with the super long half life of injectables she will continue to become more masculine for months after stopping the drug completely.


Women should not take male hormones or natural testosterone boosters because it can cause masculinization (with the exception of Anavar, normal women’s dose is 5-20mg) . Women can benefit from mild oral anabolic steroids (like anavar) for sexual, fat loss, and muscle building goals. Oral Prohormones are a legal way to get the same benefits, Super low doses of Ep-1-Test would mimic the Anavar women love, 1-Andro would work more like Primo for pure muscle building without fat loss or sexual effects, and Natadrol is a natural Chinese and Indian blend of herbs which is very popular with women.

I’m not pushing drugs on women, I am asked this by women every day so I am making a document to share so women know a Medical Doctor’s opinion. One who is well versed in this material due to his athletic background and plethora of helping athletes win, and doing it safely.

To learn more about 1-Andro Click HERE!

To learn more about Natadrol Click HERE!


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.



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