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Potassium Iodine

Why Potassium Iodide?

The thyroid is the bodies version of a thermostat. It regulates metabolic rate by increasing or decreasing thyroid hormone activity. The most well known forms of thyroid are T4(thyroxine) and T3(triiodothyronine). The difference is T4 has 4 iodine’s attached, and T3 has 3 iodines attached. T4 is what you find in the blood stream and T3 is the form that is found inside cells where it up regulates the mitochondria to produce more energy. There is also T2, and we sell a version at Mind and Muscle. This will be covered in another article though. So what would potassium iodide have to do with thyroid function? It’s really quite simple, it gives iodine to help make more thyroid hormone. One needs to be careful because both too much or too little iodine can cause hypothyroidism. So, we add this into the thyroid and weight loss spectrum because it can help support healthy thyroid production. So, this is a product that isn’t sexy, but it is necessary for many people who eat diets devoid of iodine.

How To Use Potassium Iodide?

First off, you want to follow the label dosage. Hi tech Potassium iodide contains 225 mcg which is the upper tolerable limit for a person to take. You don’t want to use the more is better approach with this. It comes in doses that are micrograms(1/1000th of a gram). That is a tiny amount to be sure and it has a very powerful effect. We use this in some of our weight loss stacks because often cutting diets end up being insufficient in providing the micronutrients to keep a body functioning well. So, there you have it. Potassium iodide can be a useful addition to any fat loss stack. Order yours today and get ready to conquer your New Years resolution.



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