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Why is Rezolution V2 “The Happy Pill”?

The biggest segment of the health and fitness market is made up of products that help you lose body fat. It seems as though every time you turn around, there is a commerical, a magazine ad, or someone talking about the latest and greatest fat loss formula on the market. To be honest, most diet pills leave people feeling either anxious or underwhelmed. Most diet pills do not live up to their hype.

So what should someone expect from a fat loss pill? Fat loss!! No kidding, they should help your body lose weight. Containing both caffeine and synephrine, Rezolution V2 has two very powerful catalysts to promote fat loss. one is caffeine and the other is synephrine. Caffeine has a global effect on all cells; it increases metabolism throughout all cells. Synephrine specifically binds the Beta 3 receptor. Unlike ephedra, it burns fat without affecting your heart rate or blood pressure. There is lots of research on these two fat burning ingredients that show little to no health side effects.

What Makes Rezolution V2 So Special?

What if I told you you could take a diet pill that would make you feel “on top of the world”? It literally makes you feel great! Unlike many pills that get people agitated, Rezolution V2 has the opposite effect. The stimulants work in synergy to rev up your metabolism and to increase cognition and productivity.

This fat burner contains ingredients which can improve your mood by acting on the is the main reward neurotransmitter. Dopamine is associated with reward. Dieting usually lowrs dopamine levels, making people depressed. Rezolution will not leave you feeling this way. You will just feel a general sense of well being.

Rezolution V2 has natural ingredients similar in action to SSRI drugs ( zoloft, paxil, prozac to name a few), and like typical anti-depressants,  it increases your serotonin level. When combined with the increases in dopamine levels, Rezolution V2 becomes the only real choice for a diet pill.

Appetite Suppression

The best effect of this diet pill is that it will diminish your appetite. Most diet pills accomplish this effect by using a lot of stimulants. Rezolution V2 does this via the neurotransmitters for reward and satisfaction so you don’t want to eat more food. This decreases addictive eating behaviors and cravings, which many of us fall victim to so often.

Rezolution V2 can be stacked with T2 and Wyked 2.1 for even greater fat burning!

Pre Cardio (for men): 1 scoop Rise and Swell + 2-3 Rezolution V2 + 0.2-0.5 ml T2

Pre Cardio (women): 1 scoop Wyked 3.0 + 1-2 Rezolution V2 + 0.2 -0.5 ml T2

Pre Weights (if cutting): 2-3 scoops Wyked 3.0 + 1-2 Rezolution V2 + 0.2-0.5 ml T2 + Liquid Labs Ma.

Dieting is tough when you are just trying to lose a few pounds. Losing the last vestiges of fat when you’re getting real lean gets much more difficult. As your fat levels drop so does leptin and your food cravings kick into high gear. This is the diet pill for you if you have a hard time saying no to food when you’re starving.


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