Why Do I Bodybuild? - Mind And Muscle

In order to be successful in anything you do in life you have to find a ‘why’. It’s so easy to say I want to become an IFBB pro, I want to win this show, I want to have abs, I want to get a degree, I want to be rich… I could keep going. But there is so many people out there that never actually achieve any of these things. Why don’t they?

They have no why. Humans function with a pull or push of motivation. “Push-motivation” is when there is someone that pushes them, something that pushes them. This might be a coach, a teammate, a spouse or it could be a certain emotion such as fear. The other type of motivation is “Pull-motivation”, it’s when you desire something, you want to get to a certain point so much you do anything it takes in order to get there. To find such a strong desire, sit back, set a goal and find out why you want to do it.

To me, earning a pro card is a goal. But why do I want that? Bodybuilding is one of those sports that depend on you. Anything you eat, anything you put into your body, every single workout, this all shapes the body you will eventually show off on stage. Yes, the placings depend on the judging of course. But, in the end, you compete against yourself. You look at the stage shots, talk to your coach and determine what needs to be improved. Then, you go and work on that, and put in the 100% effort in order to sculpt your body. That’s why I want a pro card, why I love this sport so much. Because I compete against my old you, I can get better and improve.

It’s a challenge, every day. And I love challenges. That’s why I do this.


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