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Cheat Meals Are A Bad Reward For Stress Eaters

Cheat meals are bad for overweight people. People get overweight for a variety of reasons. Some people gain weight slowly and gradually over the years, while others pack it on in a few short months. How does this happen? Genetics are certainly a very strong component in this weight gain. One cannot regard social habits as any less of a factor in weight gain either. It’s the classic argument of nature versus nurture. For some people, food becomes like a drug. It becomes the coping mechanism for some people instead of learning how to deal with their stress. Some drink alcohol, some smoke weed, some use anti-depressants, and others go to therapy. Here is the reason why using food is no different than using narcotics. It becomes the crutch to lean on, it become your vice.


Why Eating Food For A Reward Is Bad For Many

People always complain “I am on a diet, so I am eating this damn rabbit food!” They set themselves up to fail by looking at it as deprivation process. That is setting a mindset into motion that will comeback to haunt you later. If you are overweight, you are overweight for a reason; that reason is your eating habits. So if you think that you will go on a diet for a period of time, then go back to your old way of eating, you’re sadly mistaken. People need to reconcile that your new way of eating that you lost weight on is the correct way and avoiding those foods that you that made you overweight is the wrong way. Once you realize that, you will realize that those foods you are now eating are saving your life perhaps, then it will sear it into your brain. Those are the people who lose weight, and keep it off.

the size of stomach of children with overweight.

Cheat Meals Are Like Fire For Fat People

If you have been overweight and you decided to lose weight, you know it isn’t an easy process. It’s easy to go back to your habits, because habits are our comfort zone. Forming new habits makes things a bit uncomfortable, but it should because you are forming new habits. I look at cheat meals for fat people like this. Would an alcoholic go to the bar and get drunk after 90 days of sobriety? No! So why should a fat person go eat pizza after losing a set amount of weight. Its like playing with matches, you do it enough and you’re going to get burned. If food is your issue, find another reward system. Buy clothes, buy a pair of shoes, go away to a nice place with your spouse, significant other, or friends. Just don’t make it about food. Doing so is setting yourself about for failure. My advice, avoid cheat meals if food is you vice!


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