Who Would Win in an Olympia Overall?


Who Would Win in an Olympia Overall?

Not everyone is an aficionado of the iron game so im going to explain a few terms:
Olympia = Bodybuilding professional level world championship
Weight classes = different groups of athletes segregated by their weight in lbs or mass in Kg
Overall = When the winners of each weight class compete to win the overall title.

In the movie “pumping Iron” we see the live recording of the 1975 Olympia competition in which Arnold Schwarzenegger wins the over 200 lb class and Franco Columbo wins the under 200 lb class. After this Arnold and Franco compete to see who is the Overall champion, and thus the 1975 Mr. Olympia.
In modern times however the overall posedown is only done on the amature level. The 50th anniversary of the Olympia is this weekend and the winners of the under 212 class and the over 212 class will not compete against each other.


But What if They Did….

I predict that Flex Lewis will win the 212 Showdown and Phil Heath will win the Olympia Open class. This, however, may be the last year that Flex will do the 212. Based on insider information the plan was, and may still be, for Flex to compete as an open class athlete in 2016. If this is the case it means that Flex will be on the Olympia stage against Heath or Kai in the next few years….but what if he could beat them on saturday if he was awarded the opportunity?

I will compare and contrast the two athletes physiques based on their best performances and try to determine if they both bring their best package which one would win the overall victory if one existed.

Rear Double Bicep

Phil Heath Vs. Flex Lewis Phil's best shot vs. Flex's weakest. Phil is clearly the winner

Phil Heath Vs. Flex Lewis Phil’s best shot…Phil is clearly the winner

In this shot we see the slightly better conditioning on Flex, but the mass and shape of the muscles on Phil is astounding. Being Phil’s “lights out” pose, no one currently alive or possibly in history could go to to toe with Phil’s rear double bicep.


 Side Chest

side chestolympia-2013-heath-3

No Contest here, despite Flex’s more conditioned glutes, Phil has him crushed.

Front Double Bicep



This pose is a little more comparable.  Phil has Flex beat on mass and shape, but flex has a better more appealing presentation.  I still have to give it to phil though.

Side Tricep


No contest, Phil crushes Flex with this pose.

Front Lat Spread



Not sure why or how, but Flex hits this pose much better than Phil. Phil has naturally narrow clavicles and Flex has broad ones, which helps Flex cast a more impressive shadow in this pose, which I give to Flex.

Rear Lat Spread

img_10231380348786 img_34061380400397


With the superior conditioning, lower body shape, glutes, and a superior pose which brings out more detail I have to give this one to Flex. It looks to me that Phil is stretching his back too much, an attempt to gain size but at the loss of quality.

Abdominal and Thigh


I feel Phil’s only weak area is his midsection.  Flex has a large midsection for the 212 class, but as you can see Flex’s midsection blows Phil’s away.

Most Muscular



Flex has the better Midsection, conditioning, and a more pleasing shape but the mass and muscle quality of Phil definitely gives him the appearance of being more muscular.  Since that is the point of this pose I have to give this one to Phil.


Phil Heath won 5 of the 8 compulsory poses in my humble opinion (NPC Judge).  Flex’s superior posing and conditioning allowed him to go toe to toe with the king of kings, the ruler of mt. Olympus and win almost 40% of the time!  With a few more pounds and years he could possibly win the Olympia open class one day.

Just for fun I’m going to put up a comparison pic of another Open Class athlete who is closer to Flex’s height: Former Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson!



Based on this the two are quite close.  Dexter has a more pleasing shape and rounder muscle bellies, and his Lats, Pecs, and arms look bigger. I have to give this one to Dexter.



But in this rear lat spread Flex’s superior shape, glutes, and posing make him the clear victor.

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