Exercise Motivation

Where To Find Exercise Motivation

Why do so many people find it hard to exercise motivation in many facets of their life? More succinctly, why is it so hard to exercise motivation when it comes to EXERCISE MOTIVATION? I have been a self driven person since I was a little boy. I always wanted to be better at things so I would just do them over and over. Whether it be throwing baseballs, footballs, or snowballs. I threw hundreds of thousands if I threw one. I remember asking friends to play catch in midwinter with a football and nobody wanted to. My solution, go in the backyard with two footballs and throw them at the trees that were 30 yards apart across the yard. I would throw them until my hands froze or it got dark. Not a friend to be found, but my dumb ass outside in 10 degree weather throwing footballs. Or I would shovel the driveway to shoot hoop. Still, not too many takers wanted to come meet me. I would go to the boxing gym and train and spar from 6-8 pm then hit bags until 10 pm which was my parents curfew on me shaking the whole house. I would work for entire sides of albums(yes vinyl, I am old). Then when that curfew came, I would go run three miles hard. Generally the goal was under 17  minutes. Was I done? Hell no! Then it was into the house and do 500 sit-ups and 500 push-ups before hitting the sack. Perhaps that is a reason why I couldn’t sleep.

Everybody Doesn’t Exercise Motivation In Life

Just like there is hot, there must be cold. For all the black, there must be equal white. For every up, there must be a down. If you hold to the theory of yin and yang, balance in the universe, then motivated versus unmotivated people makes perfect sense. For every absolute go getter, there is must exist a human version of the garden slug! Just inching along happily leaving a little slime trail in their wake. All kidding aside, it truly does take all sorts of people to make the world go round. I am glad that my parents DNA decided to make me THAT guy. My sister is the exact opposite. She needs to be poked and prodded to get moving. I am wired differently so I shouldn’t judge what I would consider a sinful waste of time. The curse of being motivated is that you always feel like you could have done more, that you could have done better. It’s tough to be like this sometimes because although I am a glass half full guy, I feel like it could be fuller almost always. I still remember taking an Organic Chemistry exam and scoring a 98% on the exam. Most people would be ecstatic as it was the highest score in the class of 400 people. You know what I remember, the question I missed drawing 2,4-di-choloropentane. I drew the Lewis structure perfect except I wrote 2,4-di-rbromopentane. 6 years later I still am haunted by the one I messed up on. Like I said, it can be a curse.

Exercise Motivation: Are People Inherently Lazy?

When I was younger, I would simply have said hell yes. Now, as I have aged and mellowed, I have a bit different viewpoint. Yes, there are a lot of lazy ass people in this world. There are also many who are straight overwhelmed by life. They wake up at 6, get their kids up, feed them breakfast, pack their lunches and send them on their way. The they hustle off to work. They get out of work, race to latch key to pick children up and then often to a sport practice or game. Then they stop at Subway(or worse McDonald’s) and get dinner. They get home, help the kids with homework, get them to bed. Now its 9:30 p.m. and they finally sit down and pass out. So how can this person be faulted? Pretty hard to be pissed at them. I made my living as a trainer for 20 plus years so I have an idea about this. I have seen people get eaten up by the life they lead. They no longer live for themselves in any capacity. Their just there to serve as a cook, tutor, and taxi service to their children. In between that, they work 40 plus hours in corporate America. So how do these people find exercise motivation? I will take some time to explain how to do this.

Exercise Motivation: How To Find It Or Get It Back

Just the the muscle memory phenomenon, their is also a find the gym or find your way back to the gym phenomenon. It is never too late to start. People are always saying “I will start on Monday!” That goes with diet, exercise, quitting drinking, quitting smoking, etc. Why wait until Monday? Something or someone compelled you to have this thought. Why wait until that urgency subsides? Like in the movie Forrest Gump, he just started running. Gump didn’t warm up, he just ran, and ran, and ran. I know it’s just a movie but it illustrates my point. What if he waited until the feeling subsided? Whole different movie right? How is it that many people bitch that their life is like the movie Groundhogs Day? It is like expecting to change something, yet replaying the same scene over and over. I am a huge fan of affecting immediate change. Drastically alter your course or it will be too easy to remain the same, to slip back into old patterns and habits. To alter things you must make a strong correction because the tendency in most people is to flow back to the middle. For example, if you always drive at 30 mph and you suddenly try to drive at 80 mph, you will likely find yourself doing 60 mph. You do this because 80 mph is such a strong correction that it feels completely uncomfortable. 60 mph is suddenly manageable and is a 100% improvement over your past level. Suddenly you find yourself going twice as far in the same time. Fitness is the same. Say you don’t go to the gym at all. You commit to going 4 days per week for an hour. You make it 3 days for 45 minutes. Guess what happens at the end of one year? You went from ZERO to 117 hours of exercise per year. That is a quantum number. I work out like a fiend and basically spend 390 hours of exercise per year. It seems like a lot of difference but in reality, 117 hours is remarkable when you consider the number before was ZERO!!!


Exercise Motivation: The Tortoise and The Hare

Aesop’s Fables taught us many things. It taught us the most swift don’t always win the race. It also taught us that slow and steady effort will often win the race. Every year gyms are filled with hares who come in lit on fire and fade quickly into that abyss that us slow and steady folks know most New Years resolution folks will end up. Why? Because people have grandiose thoughts of what it takes to make changes. They think in 2 weeks that supermodel status will be theirs! What? Are you kidding? Your hormones are barely waking up, and the muscle soreness hasn’t even subsided. Basically, your body is still in shock. So those lucky few who do stick it out start to see results. Just remember to temper expectations. My saying that I believe is my machination is “Extraordinary results are never born of ordinary effort!” To look like those fitness models on magazines takes a complete dedication to lifting, eating ,and cardio. Oh, and don’t forget a healthy dose of photo shop. The insane thing is people just expect it to be easy. I think a great starting point is coming to the gym on a schedule, eating a series of better bad choices(if your diet is atrocious), and just remaining consistent. Don’t weigh yourself daily. See how your clothes fit your body. Look in the mirror at your muscle shape and body shape; are they changing? Once you have fitness as a foothold in your life, you can involve the family. Join a family fitness center and get the kids going. Have a family sit down in the cafe and have a healthy protein shake or salad. I love seeing people seek a healthy lifestyle. I think it is the greatest gift they can give themselves, their spouse, or their children. It doesn’t do your kid much good to work more so you can buy them a bunch of shit they don’t need if you drop dead of a heart attack a year later and little Timmy grow’s up without a father. Trust me, he would rather have his father than those new shoes. Do yourself a favor, find the time to exercise. Don’t wait until something catastrophic comes along and alters your life for you. Carpe Diem(Seize the Day)!



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