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Where To Buy SARMS 2016

In 2015, SARMS were a very controversial subject in the fitness industry and bodybuilding. Many people felt like they had found the magic bullet of muscle growth, while others were less enthused about their potential. The upside was that these products bind the androgen receptor selectively and are non-steroidal. That means they do not aromatize, have little in the way of side effects, and aren’t illegal. Well, they are more grey than black or white. They aren’t illegal by the true definition of the law but that doesn’t mean they are legal either. So, at the end of the day, you have chemicals that have a lot of “potential” upside, yet nobody truly knows the effects in the long term. So, where would you buy these SARMS you may ask?

SARMS: Where DO You Find Them?

All one need do is Google SARMS and a plethora of options will come up. I did a simple Google search “buy SARMS” and a a page full of different options showed up. You can buy everything from Viagra for your junk, Femera(2nd generation aromatase inhibitor) to keep estrogen at bay, to MK-677 to trigger your pituitary gland to release growth hormone. These are all technically drugs and shouldn’t be sold without a prescription. The way they get around it by saying  they are selling “research chemicals.” So, that’s how they cover their a**! It is sliding through a legal loophole, but there is a strong buzz that the government is looking to legislate that hole closed.This past year, several supplement were selling ostarine (a SARM), until they were sued by other companies for selling drugs as supplements! This is bad for the entire supplement industry as it just brings more scrutiny on us. So up until then, you can buy them from sites and not worry too much. But should you worry?


 SARMS: What Could Go Wrong?

Well, this is an entire industry without oversight so many things could go wrong. They may not even be selling you what you think you are getting. They may not have good quality control and may have contamination. They may put something that is harmful in the substance. Guess what, you’re screwed if that happens. They have disclaimers all over their sites and products saying “not for human consumption” knowing full well that is why people are buying them. Good luck finding a lawyer to take that case on. So there are many things that can go wrong if you decide to use them.

SARM’s are also not as harmless as they are reported.   The studies showing nearly zero side effects are using 2-3mg and the average supplement is telling you to take 30-50mg per day.  The side effects at these levels are similar to anabolic steroids, specifically liver damage and testicular shut down.  We don’t suggest anyone use a SARM product at these doses, but if you do be sure and pick up some Liver RX and Rise and Swell from the mind and muscle store.   They will keep your organs and nuts in tip top shape!

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SARMS: What Could Go Right?

You could possibly buy something that rapidly advances your muscular gains. This may be the proverbial “silver” bullet. They may work even better and more safely than anabolic steroids. That was their intention when they were synthesized. So in the end of all the risk, there could be a reward. There also could be some issues that nobody could forsee happening. This is truly no different than the black market for steroids. You are literally rolling the dice with your health and your money. Will you roll seven or will you roll snake eyes. So what should someone do?

SARMS: What To Do?

You can probably read enough to find a company that sells legit SARMS. That would be great, except for one problem! The elephant in the room! What do I mean by that? Nobody really knows what the long term health consequences will bring about from the use of SARMS! So what is the best alternative? Sure you can always buy black market steroids. Wait, there are three problems with that. 1) You aren’t sure if they are real. 2) You may have health issues due to their use. 3) The fact that they are ILLEGAL and a felony to possess. That really leaves you with one viable option that is tried and true; prohormones. To find the best prohormones on the market, look no further than at Mind and Muscle. We are the innovators in the production and sale of of all the legal prohormones. Come to the Mind and Muscle webstore and look at our products from the Liquid Labs Pro Series. For those looking to put on size, we have The Basic Mass Stack, or The Advanced Mass Stack. We also have The Basic Cut Stack and The Advanced Cut Stack for those looking to lean out. The best thing, you know where these are made, you know what is in them, you know they work, and you won’t go to jail for using them! Why wait, get the best legal growth aid possible. If you want to add in workouts, order these stacks you get unreal diet and exercise programs FREE.

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