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DMAA is still available

DMAA is still available

Before we get to “Where To Buy DMAA Online” lets do a brief history of the ingredients. DMAA has quite a controversial reputation in the industry for being “dangerous” after some later proven false reports of deaths while taking it (and running 30 miles in the heat) Otherwise known as 1, 3 dimethylamylamine, Geranium Oil Extract or Methylhexanamine, this compound is often mixed with caffeine, creatine and other stimulants.

DMAA has been shown to be safe when used responsibly by adults over 18 years or younger with adult supervision.


DMAA was first used as a nasal decongestant until 2006 when a company called Ergopharm, brought it out as a supplement under the trade name “Geranamine”.  It was not a very popular product until USP Labs added DMAA to caffeine and some other ingredients and released the Jack3d preworkout.  Jack3d contained a mix of stimulants but the central player was DMAA.

The FDA came down on DMAA when there were reports of some soldiers dying from the use of Jack3d.  Sadly, for USP Labs, the reports proved to be false and it doesn’t appear that the DMAA in the product was the cause of the deaths.  The men had exercised way to long without proper hydration and electrolytes.  The FDA sent out warning letters to 11 manufactures of dietary supplements asking them for information on DMAA.

Sadly, nearly all of them discontinued the use of DMAA even though there was sufficient safety of the ingredient and also data showing it to be natural.  Some of the best labs in the world like Cantox have shown that DMAA is safe and naturally occurring which makes what happened to USP Labs a crime!  The entire company was shut down due to the bullying tactics of the FDA.  USP Labs should have gone to court and argued for the legality of DMAA.


That company is Hi-Tech down in Atlanta Georgia.  The owner, Jared Wheat challenged the FDA in Federal Court and the world is awaiting the court decision on DMAA.  Until the court renders a decision, DMAA is legal to sell!  Mind And Muscle sells only legal products that are DSHEA compliant. DMAA for now is legal to sell and consume.  We feel that this supplement is safe and effective for either a preworkout or a diet pill.  Check out the DMAA section and pick the right product for you.  Some key favorites are a direct replacement for USP Labs OxyElite Pro and Jack3d found here:

Jack3d Replacement

OxyElite Replacement

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