What to Eat to Gain Muscle - The Donut Theory - Mind And Muscle


How would you like to eat doughnuts 4-5 days a week? Maybe candy is your cheat? Maybe bread and butter? Well, I am going to show you that by timing these things we can eat them while gaining mass and not adding on fat!

The system that Team Juggernaut uses to increase glycogen stores and satiety is to eat your carbs 1 hour after you work out. CJ’s system uses the theory of Skeletal Muscle GLUT-4 to load glucose only into the muscle cells and unlike using INSULIN GLUT-4, the theory is that it keeps the fat cells closed to storage! The brain also has an independent GLUT system, so you can feed the brain (and increase satisfaction) and your muscles without storing carbs as fat!


The GLUT system takes in sugars and deposits them into the cells for storage as glycogen (muscle cells and brain cells) or as fatty acids (fat cells). The muscle and brain based GLUT system is independent of insulin (probably developed as a survival technique) while the fat cells seem to be dependent on insulin to store energy.

After an intense workout the skeletal muscle cells open their GLUT-4 receptors first and rely on insulin second. By taking in 120g of carbs or less, we hopefully never activate insulin, which then starves the fat cells of storage.

So, you can eat doughnuts (CJ’s favorite) without storing all of that extra sugar as fat! Your GLUT-4 in skeletal muscle seems to be active for about an hour, so you have a 60-90 minute window to eat your carbs without storing them as fat.


We believe that the body has two states. Summer State and Winter State. We can’t be in one state for too long or the body starts to adjust via discomfort. Cravings and discontent go up (which is why I believe so many people fail to stay on low carb diets). Discontent is natures way of saying “move to a warmer climate where there is some fruit to eat!” The Summer State is extremely important for happiness, reproduction and satisfaction. In the Winter State we hunker down for a low carb diet running on the body’s natural ketone system. However the body doesn’t like to be in the winter state for very long which is why we crave high calorie foods!

I ran this by Dsade (forum member) and he completely agreed with the theory. It’s always good to have an expert chime in!

We can “simulate” a positive winter state and then also a Micro Summer State (say we find an apple on our hunt) by carb back loading and then taking a “cheat” day and then ultimately a “cheat week” to give our body the reassurance that the “climate” we have chosen isn’t some barren wasteland. Humans can survive in this Winter State for about 9 months before we have a “summer”. Even Eskimos are afforded carbs 2-3 months out of the year!

Eating carbs also feeds the brain which then tells the body that we are in a “Summer State” or at least a decent climate. I think trying to stay in a perpetual “Winter State” is why so many people fail on low carb. Too long and our body and brain revolts and we head for the nearest doughnut and candy shop!


This is the theory behind CJ’s program. We can keep an optimal state by creating a “micro summer” after each workout and then having a “cheat meal” or “cheat day” on Sundays. I improved this by suggesting every 6 weeks we have a “Summer State” of cheating! Then right back on the carb backloading (this is hard which is why Carl probably doesn’t do it).

The body prefers summer over winter! Testosterone levels drop in the summer and fall as do the sperm count because we would prefer to conceive babies in the winter and spring! That way we have plenty of food around to feed the little guys!

Winter is for WORK, which is why our testosterone levels go up. Work is defined as “hunting” where foraging is less work and requires less testosterone.

In this way by following the system CJ has perfected, we can live in perpetual bliss of a controlled perfect environment for muscle mass! Food makes muscle and we need to tell the body that there is LOTS of carbohydrate rich food around and we don’t need to store it as fat!


I hope this makes some sense and of course the theory isn’t perfect. These systems are still poorly understood, but I hope you give Team Juggernaut a try and you have great results! Oh, I can’t wait to hear all of the trainers scream FOUL because they can’t imagine how you can step on stage after eating a box of doughnuts!


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