What prohormones are legal and still available in 2013?

Prohormone SupplementsThe field of legal anabolics and prohormones/prosteroids has narrowed significantly in the last 5 y
ears. This article will give you all you need to know on what is still legal and available since 2012 and now into 2013. Now that Superdrol and its clones are on the banned list the options are few, however there are still compounds that show real promise.

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Progestins: The newcomers to the market in 2012. They have become staple prohormones in 2013!

These new prhormones are new to most people but the results that are being achieved are astounding.  Progestin based prohormones first gained notoriety with “the cream” which was a progestin that athletes used in the Balco scandal to gain muscle mass.  Now in 2013, Liquid Labs has taken the pole position in these new compounds that many are reporting to be very effective. “Progestins, specifically 17aHydroxy Progestins convert at a high rate to other androgens and can act as prohormones as well as biologically active steroids” according to its developers. The conversion steps make sense and with this a new breed of legal anabolics has been born.

TRN a potent progestin prohormone including 19nor

trn-mass-prohormone-by-liquid-labsTo round out the new additions to the market, here is the lowdown on TRN: You loved TREN right? Well here is the best legal alternative we’ve found! This product mimics the now Schedule III Tren product by being both a potent progestin and 19Nor based compound! Brought to you by the genius of Liquid Labs!

If you want the best possible alternative to the banned “TREN” products, look no further than Liquid Labs TRN. The advanced liquid delivery means that the prohormones in TRN hit the bloodstream more quickly than capsule or tablet based products that get blocked in the intestine. Buy TRN here.

M-DRL containing 5aOHP a prohormone for Stanolone

m-drl-the-hottest-legal-m-drol-alternativeThe first progestin to hit the ground running was 5a-OHP and now is available in M-DRL with even an even more improved formula!  Basically, this version of 17aHydroxy converts to Stanolone. The science indicates that these progestins don’t create a hormonal environment that is conducive to gyno or other estrogen-related sides, which is great news. Users have reported respectable gains of 5-14 pounds in 30-60 day runs. Buy M-DRL here.


H-DRL-a progestin based prohormone for Boldione

h-drl-the-hottest-legal-h-drol-alternativeThe next newcomer of note was P-BOLD from Taurus Nutrition and now the even more improved formula in H-DRL. Here is the skinny on it: A combination of 17aHydroxy-Pregna-1,4-Diene-3,20-Dione and 18aHydroxy-Pregna-1,4,6-Triene-3,20-Dione, it’s a progestin based precursor to Boldione. Loggers and users have reported respectable mass gains of 5-15 pounds on average in 30-60 days runs.  Again, low to no sides reported. Buy H-DRL here.


Non-Progestin Prohormones in 2013

Now we move on to the other non-progestin old guard prohormones. It’s important to remember that no legal prohormones today are methylated and therefore concerns with liver toxicity have been greatly reduced. With that, here are the old-school compounds – though altered to meet the new lawful requirement – of the old guard of legal anabolics.



4-Andro Prohormone SupplementOne of the two ‘little brothers” of testosterone left, this compound has been shown to boost testosterone levels and user have reported size and strength gains while enjoying enhanced libido. Users have reported 4-17 pound gains in 30-60 day runs. Get 4-Andro in this stack here.







19nor AndroConsidered the lowest of the low in potential side effects, 19nor converts into Deca in the body and is great all around prohormone. A solid lean mass builder, users have reported 6-18 pound gains in 30-60 day runs. Get 19-nor Andro in this stack.







m1dandroThe other little brother of testosterone, coverts to test, and helps in all the way good ole’ testosterone can! Users have reported 4-17 pound gains in 30-60 day runs. Buy it here.







Epi works by reducing estrogen in the body. Users report strength gains, lean mass gains and greater focus in the gym. Buy it here.


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1 andro prohormoneConsidered the big daddy of the lean “dry” prohormone compounds, 1-Andro converts to 1-Test in the body and is regarded for its ability to aid in lean muscle gains and while seeing strength skyrocket. Users report gains of 6-22 pounds in 30-60 day runs. Get 1-Andro in this stack here.

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