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What Is The Best Protein?

That is a tough question, but overall whey is proven and well known in the body building world as the standard on which all other proteins are judged. However new contenders like Genus Protein certainly offer some unique benefits over whey and look like the up and comers. Many old school bodybuilders prefer egg protein, but the reality is that protein should come from a variety of sources and no one is really the “best”.  The average person looking to supplement for maximum effect should take 1-2 g of protein per pound of body weight, meaning that a 200 lb male should take between 200 and 400 grams of protein per day.  Meat contains about 7g of protein per ounce, no matter what the source, so look for lean cuts of beef, chicken As long as you are eating lean chicken, fish, beef, lamb or buffalo you should be able to get some serious protein from meat.  If you are a humegitarian like me (only eating animals from hunted or kosher sources which limits the animals suffering and/or helps it fulfill its life potential) a good protein supplement is essential.

Meals and Timing:

Here is my recommendation for the optimal protein regimen for the average bodybuilder wishing to gain maximum size and recovery:

Breakfast – Clean protein sources like egg whites provide good breakfast proteins and some nice variety.  You can also cook some lean beef along with your egg whites to add additional protein or throw in 1 cup of cottage cheese to your breakfast, adding in 28g of protein to your diet.

Mid-morning Shake – Genus Protein provides the optimal nutrient profile without adding in a lot of extra fat or calories.  Also, the polyphenols in Genus protein stoke the metabolic furnace, which gives you the optimal mid-morning shake.  Around 10:00 AM is the best time to use your Genus protein.

Lunch – obviously lunch proteins can include chicken breast, turkey or any other lean source of protein along with some complex carbohydrates.

Mid-afternoon Shake – Again, use Genus protein for its fat burning and high amino acid profile.

Post-Workout – Any sort of hydrolyzed protein will do, including free form amino acids or collagen protein.  This will rapidly feed your muscles with the optimal dose of fast hitting proteins to refuel your muscle.  Take with 20-30g of dextrose (stay away from Corn Syrup) or other sugars for maximum effect.

Dinner – Lean beef or fish make excellent choices.

Before Bed – Use Miceller Casein or Sodium Caseinate to give you long-acting proteins for the night’s sleep.  Micellar Casein is a nice, slow digesting protein that will feed your body with the necessary amino acids to give you recovery and growth.

The bottom line on protein is GET LOTS OF IT. You can get really fancy about the types of protein you are going to take and, for the elite athlete, it matters.  However, most people should just go with a straight protein shake like Genus to provide the additional protein needed without breaking the bank.

Protein mixes that combine egg, whey, casein and others are just gimmicks.  If you want to use proteins like that positively, time them according to when they are needed.  Throwing them all in a blend isn’t going to get you anything special and they usually cost MUCH more.

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