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People often ask us what is the best Prohormone on the market in 2013? Over the years and as prohormones and science evolves, we’ve learned a lot about what a person should take if they want to use prohormone products safely and effectively, as well as what they should avoid. Much of what we believed has changed, and the prohormones we once thought were not that desirable may in fact be some of the best choices.

Gray market class

There is still what some call a “gray market class” of prohormones for sale out there. These grey market pro hormones like hdrol, mdrol, epistane, megadrol and superdrol are really no longer legal. Those who sell them and buy them are taking a considerable legal risk. These types of prohormones were once considered the best prohormones on the market for gaining muscle. However, after years of observation and thousands of pro hormone reviews, minds have changed regarding these compounds. In short, they may give you quick muscle gains, but they also may give you a high level of side effects and negative health consequences.

Natural Hormones

In the world of steroids, many have changed their views from thinking the more exotic steroids are best and sticking with the hormones that are found naturally in the body, e.g. testosterone. You often hear the phrase today “Test is best!” The Prohormone industry is also concluding that natural is best. Why? Because your adding in a hormone, though a higher levels, that is already present in your body. This reduces the negative effects that synthetic hormones might produce. We have joined the ranks of thousands of others that believe the best Prohormones are the ones that are found naturally occurring in our food, in our bodies, and in other natural sources. Why? Because they are typically safer, while still effective at building quality muscle and most importantly they are legal! These naturally occurring hormones have been isolated, concentrated and combined with the right delivery compound to give men over the age of 21 the boost in androgens levels that they need to live an optimal life in 2013 and beyond!


These natural hormonal supplements have become more of a necessity than ever before because of our environmental conditions that have become our very living conditions today. History has shown us that men have been supplementing with “hormones” for centuries on end, usually in the form of eating glands or testicles from animals. In 2013 natural hormonal supplementation has become paramount because of the great environmental hormonal poison called “xeno-estrogens.” Xeno-estrogens are things like BPA which is found in plastics around the world; behave as estrogen in the body, creating hormonal imbalances in both men and women and making the need for healthy hormonal ratio a HUGE need. Xeno-estrogens are everywhere, in our food, water, packaging, and countless other places so one of the ways we can move our bodies towards hormonal balance and a healthy ratio are the health promoting benefits of a legal pro hormone or a combination of prohormones in an effective prohormone stack.

Legal, natural prohormones can give you real results that are safe and ones that you can keep. As our estrogen levels and exposure continue to go up year after year, taking the best prohormone or combination of prohormones to balance out your body is a good choice towards better health. Lear more about prohormones by clicking here!


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