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The Best Intra Workout Shake

It is no longer the best method to focus all your recovery on post-workout shakes. Just as all things evolve in all facets of our lives, they tend to change even more rapidly in the field of fitness. In the past, almost all workout nutrition discussions were centered around the anabolic window in the hours post training. Now, the rage is pre and intra workout nutrition. So how does this new information affect you and your workouts? That is what I will answer in this article.


What Is Intra Workout Nutrition?

In the past, almost all the focus regarding these shakes was centered around protein. So what has changed? While protein was and always will be a centerpiece in this equation, high molecular weight starches are vitally important as well. Why? Two major reasons are that 1) Carbohydrates are protein sparing. 2) These carbohydrates give a constant supply of energy while the subject is training hard. It is vitally important to get through hard training without creating too much of a deficit. The deficit comes from 2 sources. 1) Hard training breaks down contractile protein(muscle) which needs energy to repair. These carbohydrates provide both energy, and they stop proteins from being de-aminated (made into possible carbs or fat) and used for an alternate energy source. So what would one use in this shake? Well, the cutting edge supplements all use highly branched cyclic dextrin as the carbohydrate source for a reason. It has all the qualities needed for effectiveness, a rapid gastric emptying rate and a slow absorption rate. The reason you want this is you want to get all the nutrients such as carbs and proteins into the small intestine where they can be used by the body to create and anabolic environment.


What Is In The Best Intra Workout Made Of?


These are highly branched cyclic dextrins (HBCD’s). They are made up of enzymatically altered amylopectin molecules. These glucose chains provide the body with energy but in a form that does it in a manner that gets quick uptake and slow absorption. This avoids a blood glucose spike and a resultant crash from insulin secretion.


In my eyes, BCAA’s are the superior substrate to deliver the optimal protein to trigger anabolism. There are people who would argue that EAA’s are better. My issue is one of cost and also the fact that if you’re already following a diet high in proteins, the need for EAA’s is greatly diminished. The BCAA’s should be given in the standard 2:1:1 ratio that has been tested time and again.

Hydromax Glycerol

Hydromax is a special form of glycerol that is far superior to it’s predecessor, glycerol monostearate. Not only is it more stable in products, but it is much more water soluble. Hydromax molecules draws water toward it and actually aids in exercise performance, decreases dehydrations, and gives great stimulant free muscle pumps.


The single most abundant amino acid in the body. It is called a “conditionally essential” amino acid. All this means is in certain situations, the body may not be capable of making enough of it. Glutamine has been studied extensively in recovery from illness and has been shown to improve recovery from strenuous exercise


This amino acid has been shown in studies to improve VO2 Max and increase exercise performance. It also improves cell volumization, and reduces pH in the heart, skeletal muscles and the CNS.

Bitter Melon

It is one of the best glucose disposal agents that can be bought over the counter. It comes from Eastern Medicine and has been proven to work for thousands of years.

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Wrap Up: Best Intra Workout Shake Is Liquid Labs Intrafuse

The reason why this formula is the best on the market as the best intra workout drink is because it covers every conceivable need for a perfect intra workout drink. It has a perfect energy source to drive hard training, HBCD’s. They are the perfect blend of fast and slow to fuel the most rigorous training. Then you add Hydromax glycerol to the mix and you get great cellular hydration which increases performance. To optimize growth we have a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s which trigger mtor, thus driving anabolism. Taurine limits pH from inhibiting exercise performance in the CNS and the heart. Glutamine blunts catabolic processes so the body can go about repairing itself more rapidly. Bitter Melon shuttles the incoming glucose toward the muscles cells selectively over fat cells. The only product on the market with these ingredients is Liquid Labs Intrafuse.






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