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Prohormones for lean muscle massProhormones also known as “andro” are a class of supplements that men over 21 can use to supplement their diet. These steroid products are often used by men to counter act the increasing amount of dietary estrogens in the diet from things like plastics, pesticides and other chemical “endocrine disrupters”. The modern male is under attack from these chemical estrogens, causing him to possibly have terrible side effects like inability to get fit, reduced sex drive or sperm count, obesity, weight gain and depression. Hopefully when you are done with this article you will know what is a prohormone.


Along with proper diet and exercise, prohormones can be a valuable way to offset these chemical estrogens and get you on your way to looking and feeling your best. Of course to use prohormones to get in shape, you do need to have a diet that is high in protein and workout like a monster, because these help put you in a better frame of mind along with the prohormones on reaching your goals and are the most important factor involved in fitness. We suggest anyone who takes prohormones at least be 18, but better yet is 21 years old before starting any prohormone program, simply because it’s best if you are done growing naturally before you supplement with external steroids.


There are two types of prohormones on the market today, legal and illegal. These two prohormone classes have very different side effects and risks and it’s important to only use natural prohormones found in the body or the diet and not the chemically altered prohormones that many people try and pass off as legit.

Natural prohormones are safe and effective when combined with proper diet and exercise. These chemical steroids are found already naturally in the body or nature and by taking them, you are just adding to what you already have. This is the most safe way to use prohormones, since natural products don’t have the horrible side effects of chemically altered steroids. People often buy a “cycle support” product along with using prohormones, but this is not necessary when using the natural varieties. Natural prohormones won’t cause you to bloat, lose your hair or damage your liver when used properly. They are much more effective because they can be used up to 12 weeks straight.

Chemically altered prohormones are also on the market in some unscrupulous online stores. You can usually spot a chemically altered prohormone because somewhere in the name there will be a “17aMethyl” or a “17alphaMethyl”. This 17aMethyl chemical alteration is what is primarily responsible for the damaging cardiovascular effects and liver damage that many people get from prohormone products. These unnatural chemically altered steroids are very bad for your body and are also illegal. It’s best to stay away from these unless you are very experienced or don’t care about harming your liver!


Prohormone products come in a variety of delivery mechanisms. There are liquids, tablets, capsules and even some powders. You can take them orally or sub lingually (under your tongue) or on your skin. The best way to take natural prohormones is sublingually, which is under the tongue. This is because you can absorb more of the prohormone than taking a capsule product. People often doubt sub linguals, but anyone that has ever chewed tobacco knows that the mouth is very effective at delivering things right to the bloodstream. You can either take a tablet or liquid sublingual and hold it under your tongue for maximum effect.

Some people also like to take traditional capsules because of their convenience. While it is less effective to take a capsule product, sublinguals take usually 2-5 minutes to dissolve and be absorbed. So, people who are in a hurry may prefer to use capsules because they are so convenience. Capsules have poor absorption but ingredients like piperine or grapefruit extract may help increase the ability of your body to absorb them. The illegal chemically altered prohormones on the market use the 17aMethyl delivery system to block the liver from deactivating the compounds, but this comes at a huge price, which is liver stress and damage.


Prohormones have different properties and act differently in the body. Many men prefer to stack different kinds of prohormones to give them an additive effect (1+1=3) since each kind may have different target tissues and properties. Depending on your budget, you may want to stack one, two or even up to four prohormones in a “stack” to make your cycle most effective.
Prohormones usually are described as “dry” or “wet” which means that they either will or will not convert partially to estrogen. Estrogen is not always your enemy, you need it to survive! It also can help reduce some of the minor side effects of a prohormone cycle like dry joints. Most compounds on the market are dry, but here is a short list of some of the prohormones on the market.

4-Androsterone – this is a wet prohormone that can convert to testosterone and is typically used as part of a stack to combat side effects of dry prohormones
1-Androsterone – a dry prohormone that is typically used for people looking to put on lean mass with strength gains.
Epiandrosteorne – a dry prohormone that is typically used to help people “cut” and get vascular, this one can make you more aggressive and increase your sex drive.
5a-Pregnane – a dry prohormone that is great for increasing the appearance of muscle density and giving you striations.
19Nor-Andro – a semi-dry prohormone that is very gentle on the hair line and is very low in side effects, it’s a good stacking compound but isn’t strong on it’s own.
2-ene – a semi-dry compound that is an elephant pheremone found in humans and has a very healthy anabolic effect in men!
6-Keto-Pregnane – a dry compound that is not androgenic at all, but may help give you lean gains in size and strength.


Ask more questions in our forum and see if the mind and muscle community forum can give you the answers you need. Understand that this is a free forum and Mind and Muscle Media LLC is not responsible for the quality of the advise and that none of these products are to be taken by anyone under 21. When used responsibly, prohormones may help you make each time in the gym more meaningful and productive and help you reach your fitness goals!

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