What Drives You?


What Drives You? Why do you do what you do? Why do you train? What makes you get up in the morning and say: today, I am nailing my diet or, I will beat my PR’s? What gives you’re the urge to pursue your goals whatever they may be, it’s called motivation. It’s what first gets you to take action. So, you go to the gym, slam your pre-workout drink and start hammering the weights. But, what happens after the drive goes away? How do you keep the motivation going for the following days? Often you hear people say “It’s a state of mind.” But how do you keep your mind in the right “state” to reach your goals? Will motivation alone take you all the way? Maybe, it all depends on you.

Many times I have seen new people come into the gym, saying they want to get in shape, lose weight, get fit, and they will actually do it this time. However, as soon as it gets difficult, they quit. They believe that by wanting something bad enough you will get it, but that’s not how it works. Once you have the right mind set, or motivation, you must take action and keep moving forward past any doubt or discouraging thoughts. Like drawing a map, here is where I am, here is where I want to be and this is how I am going to get there. I will not stop until I succeed! You need to get in the driver seat of your life and take action; regardless of whether your initial motivation is gone.

Having a motivated state of mind is essential in the process of pursuing and reaching your goals. Motivation is the driving force to all success; but without determination, inspiration, positive attitude, and most importantly a plan of action, motivation is nothing more than a motor without a vehicle, and your goal becomes a mere wish. Don’t let that happen to you, don’t give up. There are no limits, no one can do it for you, get up and get it done.

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