What do movies, stupid women and my awesome client Amy all have in common? CARBS!

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What do movies, stupid women and my awesome client Amy all have in common? CARBS!

Here I am, sitting at my modeling agency after my portfolio review. I am actually about to lay down and take a nap before my three hour drive home.  My head is mulling over the importance of understanding carbohydrates and how they are best used and implemented in our lives. Mostly, I’m probably just weird for being able to relate everything to carbs somehow, but it is what it is. Oh well!

First example. I was watching a movie the other night (one I swore I would regret being talked into – I totally lost that bet).

‘Death Race’ starring Jason Statham (who btw would be perfect if he were taller) was the main feature. I didn’t think I’d like it, because I am not a bigTransporter fan and thought it would be another cheesy stunt flick with a plot as predictable as the rising sun. Boy was I wrong. Well, not about the plot being predictable, because it was, but the racing, cars and action totally made up for it. It was awesome. I pretty much wanted to re-watch it as soon as I was finished. Weird, I know.


P.S. I just posted the link since I cannot for the life of me figure out how to embed a video (there’s a first for everything I suppose). Note to self: e-mail Brendan when I’m done here.

How does this relate to carbs? Well, I watched it at night, having trained earlier that morning. My movie ‘snack’ was ground turkey bites seasoned with salt and pepper with some low carb ketchup to dip it in. Atypical movie snack, but the point is that A) sitting on your bum watching a movie at does not earn you extra kcals and B) carbs would be a silly thing to eat late at night having trained in the morning. There you have it. My movie watching habit is totally related to carbs.

Next foundational point: walking uphill at 3% at 2.5 mph = not a workout. Repeat…NOT a workout. Let me expound.

The other day I was over the corner behind the treadmills foam rolling  my hips, doing leg swings and the like. Here is a brief rundown of the situation that unraveled before me.

1. Two very, very overweight women on the treadmill, walking at the aforementioned parameters.

2. To make matters worse, they were talking with disdain about the one girl’s niece that was now knocked up and unwilling to give the baby up for adoption as if it was A) any of their business, B) their place to judge or C) an appropriate topic to blab about at full volume in a commercial gym. I can think of several other things I’d rather do, including throwing up, than listen to that kind of stupid gossip.

3. And the straw that broke the camel’s back came when they started giving their expert advice to one another on ‘pre and post workout nutrition’ (at this point please recall that their ‘activity’ was NOT a workout).  The one girl’s words exactly: “Make sure you don’t eat before you come and drink juice (as she held up her water bottle which was filled with sugar laden apple juice) when you are finished. That’s that way to lose fat.” Riiiiiight. Fasted non-taxing activity followed by juice is the shiznit as far as results.

Wow. Just wow. I mean, really, kudos to them for walking instead of doing nothing, but really? It’s not like we are talking about an all out balls to the wall weight training session in which they create dry sponges of muscle that would absorb a glass of apple juice and transform it into mounds of new muscle. And even then, I’d say eat clean food, dont drink juice! Needless to say, I am glad I have a knowledge of proper periodization of nutrients. I just might have to give a seminar on appropriate gym behavior. Maybe I’ll include some stuff in there about carbs and how to get results as a bonus or something, you know…since my life revolves around them.

To end, I’ll share the last way in which I am a carb freak. I teach my clients about proper nutrient timing and work with them extensively about how to incorporate them around training to properly achieve a lean body.

One of my girls (Amy) has lost over 10 lbs of fat through weight training and smart nutrition and is making more and more progress every day. However, she like many others has moments when she just wants to shove a bowl of ice cream down the hatch. Her saving grace? Yours truly, plastered on her wall! Yep, it made me laugh…but there IS something to it. I am the one she is accountable to other than herself. She trains in the morning, and at night she needs her coach there reminding her that if she’s hungry enough to eat, she’s hungry enough for veggies and meat or cottage cheese. Awesome. Amy. Youtotally solidified my obsession with carb timing totally rock.

So in summary: I love Jason Statham in Death Race, fat ladies who gossip and drink juice on treadmills make me feel suicidal, and even my clients take my example (literally even) about how carb awareness’ is important in every aspect of life (ie: I’m weird ). That’s all.

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