Vegan Diet: Flawed Fad

Left: Vegan Right: No-Vegan

Left: Vegan
Right: Non-Vegan

Today I had the pleasure of a brilliant young woman confronting me on my anti vegan position.  She challenged me to PROVE that it wasn’t healthy.  I told her I would look in to it and write an article to obliterate the case for the vegan fad. There will be no references necessary I accept all the vegan diet myths as accurate. I don’t need to dispute the vegans claims because it is clear from the benefits it is a very flawed diet. To clarify, the vegan diet is an anti animal diet.  Not to be confused with a vegetarian diet which will work, the vegan mistake is to have NOTHING from animals.  I merely need to show the shortcomings of trying to have no fish, meat, eggs, or whey at alll in a diet.


Live Longer

Vegan diets allow for a vegan to live 3 to 6 years longer.  That’s it? Who cares! Like living to 96 instead of 90 would be such a treat. Most of the people I know at that age ask me to end their life for them.  I for one don’t want to live after I’m to old to have sex.  


No Cholesterol, No Odor

A diet devoid of cholesterol would suck. You need cholesterol to make sex hormones.  Meat diets high in fat increase testosterone production, so the inverse would decrease testosterone production.  A lack of sex hormones would result in a loss of body odor and thus pheromones.  Most women find the way a man smells to be attractive or repulsive depending on his unique pheromones based on his antibodies. I for one like the way women smell.  Ever walk into the aerobics room after a zumba class? Yum! So not only will no cholesterol kill your gains, kill your sex drive, kill your sexual function, it will make you less attractive to the opposite sex.  And you have to live LONGER like this? Some benefit.  2 whole eggs a day would be enough to alleviate this problem


Decreased Breast Cancer, Decreased Prostate Cancer

Duh!  You don’t get cholesterol so you have decreased sex hormones.  Male sexual organ function requires male hormones, so no prostate stimulation means no prostate cancer. It also makes for weak orgasms.  A life of poor sexual function so you can live 3 years longer. Weak.

For women its even worse, Without estrogen their breasts will shrivel up. I suppose you could get implants, what’s more natural than that?  Menopause at 20 sounds like it would suck.  


Decreased Colon Cancer

This is from the increase in fiber not the absence of meat. The studies on this are comparing meat diets to high fiber diets. not high fiber + lean meat diets to high fiber vegan diets.


Prevents Macular Degeneration

Eating foods high in vitamin A are good for your vision. Aating meat isn’t bad for it. If you read my Alkaline Foods article You should be making sweet potato your go to carb anyway.  Its full of vitamin A.

Mercury, Hormones, BPA’s And Other Toxins

Yes these are found in meat but organic 100% grass fed red meat is clean and so are certain fish like 100% wild caught Cod.  Pork and Chicken are supposed to be hormone free.


Animal Meat Is Acidic

Yes, and if you’re trying to consume only Alkaline food checkout my Alkaline food article.  


No Harm To Animals And The Environment

This is the most valid argument.  Animals are people too, and hurting them isn’t cool.  I struggle with this one because so many animals have been sacrificed to make these guns I try not to think about it.  Also my carbon footprint is so enormous for the amount of meat I eat, a hole in the ozone should be named after me.  


Dairy Free

A vegan diet has to be dairy free to be vegan, for more on why I detest dairy checkout me Foods To Avoid article!


Fat Loss

Here is the greatest fallacy.  Simply put there aren’t very good vegan protein sources. In order to get enough protein you would have to consume so much fat from nuts or so much carbs from legumes that you won’t be that successful at losing fat. You could lose weight, but not just fat. You would have to skimp on protein and lose muscle, which permanently decreases your metabolism.  

Additionally the legumes, peanuts (a legume), and soy are slightly acidic so you might as well just have fish or egg whites.  Legumes and soy also have phytoestrogens so it will be harder to lose fat on them, since estrogen causes you to store fat not burn it.

There just isn’t a carb free, fat free, alkaline protein source except whey. But that’s dairy now isn’t it?

you need at least 60 g of protein a day and its really more like 100. To get 60 of protein from beans and almonds it would look like this if you got half from beans and half from almonds:

4 oz almonds:

28 g Protein

28g carbs

56g fat

about 900 calories


16 oz Beans:

28g Protein

92 g carbs

8 g fat

about 400 calories


That will give you less than your minimum protein for the day to survive in a coma but your over 1300 calories (1200 is a good number for women who aren’t figure or physique competitors who want to lose fat), plus your loaded up on plant estrogen. You will be bloated, gassy, and hungry since this and green veggies are all you can eat in a day.  You will likely not have the energy to train hard and without sex hormones you may not be able to hang on to your muscle mass and your metabolism will crash over time. This means as the months wear on your going to look worse not better, and have no sex drive.  If you make the mistake of doing cardio you’re really going to crash and you might get thyroid and or adrenal problems.  Additionally meat is the only source of B12 short of supplements and injections.  


Now for Common Sense

Common sense is rare and precious so i will share some.  We have eyes on the front of our head, not the sides.  Thus we are predators, not prey. Prey eat vegetables, they are Herbivores. Predators eat herbivores, we are carnivores.  For most of human evolution we ate mostly meat and our digestive system and hormones developed on meat.  We are geared to eat smaller weaker prey and procreate.  When you forget humans are just animals and think they are more is when you lose touch with reality.  Do you really want to live long enough to be in a nursing home after all your friends are dead and your family forgets to visit you? I don’t.  Defy mother nature and she will bitch slap you. Its our place to eat meat and reproduce, our bodies developed that way and they don’t work so well if we don’t.

Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.

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