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muscled guy curlingVanadyl sulfate is a form of the trace mineral vanadium. Vanadyl is typically used for its ability to exert insulin-like effects, which is useful in treating high blood glucose levels and in increasing glycogen storage in skeletal muscle tissue.

Vanadyl sulfate has the ability to lower blood glucose levels. Research suggests that this effect of vanadyl sulfate is due to its ability to increase insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscle and liver tissue, which can be beneficial for anyone looking to improve their body composition. Unfortunately, vanadyl sulfate has been found to not work nearly as well in non-diabetic patients as in those with type 2 diabetes. There are probably better options available to improve glycogen synthesis and decrease the storage of carbohydrates as fat, but still it may be a solid addition to a nutrient partitioning supplement along with other ingredients.

Like many other insulin mimickers, when over-consumed vanadyl sulfate may cause a state of hypoglycemia. Anyone beginning use of vanadyl sulfate should start at a low dose, and increase steadily to find the proper dose without experiencing hypoglycemic side effects. Because vanadium is a trace mineral, over-consumption of vanadyl sulfate my also lead to toxicity. Vanadyl sulfate typically comes in 10 mg capsules or tablets, and a safe dosage range is believed to be 5-50 mg/day.


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