Triceps Training: Overcoming Genetic Limitations - Part 3

Roelly has some of the best triceps in the world

Roelly has some of the best triceps in the world

Triceps Training: Overcoming Genetic Limitations – Part 3 

Continued from part 2

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Sample Triceps Mass Building Routine

Rope press down 6 x 20 – Warm up for elbows, decent pump – Rest 30 seconds

Press the rope away from you, don’t pull it into you.  Your elbows should be fixed in one place slightly in front of you.  You should be squeezing the ropes about ⅓ from the bottom, don’t rest hands on the balls.  Look in the mirror at the lagging arm, actually stare at it. Most importantly, turn your hand so its palm is facing you, this targets the lateral head.  

Slight Incline French Press 4 x 10 – All positions – Rest 90 seconds

superset Skull Crushers

superset Close Grip Press to collar bone

Laying on a bench at a 30 degree incline have your elbows “above” your head to stretch out your triceps.  Let the weight hang so its almost lifting you off the bench, I snake my feet into the bench to hold my butt down.  Press the EZ bar straight out from you, don’t press it vertically, it should follow the same 30 degree plane as the bench.  This keeps constant tension on the triceps when they are contracted.

When you fail point your elbows to the ceiling. The bar should be 1 inch from your nose.  Now the greatest force is in the stretch position. as you press the EZ bar straight up it gets ‘lighter’.  This is because at the fully contracted position the gravity is pressing straight down on the bar and the bones and joints are absorbing the force and not the triceps like the french press. That’s why we don’t do much of these, you’re probably fail after a few reps.

Last in this triset is the close grip press. After you fail at the Skullz you simply pull your elbows down to your chest so the EZ bar is over your collarbone.  I use a true not false grip for this as it increases my lateral head activity. I Pump that EZ bar with as many short partial reps as possible to squeeze the last drops of life out these triceps.  Not to low, not to high, pressing out on the bar not just up, this keeps tension on the triceps the whole time. Do it over your collar bone, not upper abs.

Seated Dumbbell Extension 4 x 10 – Stretch position – Rest 90 seconds

With your arms above your heart and elbows behind your head lower the dumbbell as low as possible.  This is past 90 degrees.  This allows your to maximally load the triceps when its maximally stretched.  Super flexible people my have to use cables as their forearm can collapse against their upper arm.  Fire the dumbbell up and back, not just up. So that there is tension on the triceps when your contracting them at the top.

Alternating Dumbbell Kickbacks 4 x 20 – Contraction position – Rest 0 seconds

Nothing gives me a pump like these.  I set my forehead on the back of an incline bench, arch my back and make sure my elbow is as far behind my back as it will go.  This puts the long head and the rear delt into an isometrically contracted state. ie. No movement of the elbow.  I let the dumbbell hang and fire the bicep to take any momentum off the reps.  When its just dangling there it is virtually weightless, then as you contract the tricep it raises the dumbbell until your forearm is parallel with the ground.  At this point its a maximally loaded tricep muscle in the fully contracted position.   I like to twist my wrist on these. With the palm facing the floor the lateral head is more contracted, in the palm up you get more long head.  

That’s a solid 18 set 280 rep routine.  I used to think because they were small muscles you use less volume, but my shoulders kept growing with 24-30 sets and my arms werent with 9-12 sets. CJ Jackson had me go way higher in volume and more than one time a week and they started changing.  Hany Rambod told me on 3 occasions to train more than once a week but It didn’t work for me, the trick that CJ figured out was to do only about 6 sets on the other workout one after chest. I had tried this before and it failed, but that was when my primary workout was only about 9 sets.  IFBB Pro Neil Hill Suggested that the Ideal formula for Flex Lewis was to have Flex hit his weak parts every 5 days with a full workout.  I picked up the Pre exhaust rope trick  from IFBB Pro George Farah and IFBB Pro Chris Darby.  

That’s a brief cursory overview of how to train your Triceps. Feel free to ask questions on the forum! its 48,000 strong!

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For some advanced tricep training techniques, check out our downloadable training guides here!

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