Travel but Stay On Track - Mind And Muscle

I know a lot of people that tend to either fall off track when travelling or are scared to travel due to the fact that they are on prep or a specific diet.

You put in all this hard work so don’t throw it away just because it’s not as convenient to be on track and stick to your meal and workout plan. But, also, don’t hold back from experiencing life. We are all just human. Don’t miss out on traveling, partying and having a social life etc. just because you are a bodybuilder.

A few tips:

  • Mealprep in advance, measure the proteins and carbs, pack the protein powder into smaller containers
  • Use zip locks and Tupperware, have meals in zip locks to spare room for clothes and other essentials.
  • Check what you are allowed to bring, When flying domestic, security should allow you to bring any food. Just make sure you don’t exceed the liquid levels.
  • Check out the area for gyms and grocery stores prior to arrival, just so you don’t have to drive around forever
  • Schedule your workouts in, if you know your schedule, make sure you can workout earlier in the morning or at night
  • Calculate your macros, in case you can’t have turkey or something very specific at least substitute it with something alike in regards of nutritional value
  • Pack ice packs and lunch bag, to be able to bring food with you regardless on whether it’s to a meeting or when you explore the city
  • Enjoy, have fun, it’s not too hard to stay on track, it takes some preparation but it will be worth it

Traveling is beautiful, it opens your horizons and leaves you with stories and experiences nobody can take from you. “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”




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