The Transformation – Physique and Mind - Mind And Muscle

I started lifting October 2015 – about one and a half year ago. Looking back, I see myself and I knew how I felt. I was one of those girls that barely ate. I never had a donut in my life until after my first competition in 2016. I never went out to eat and ordered a slab of ribs, let alone order a dessert.


Why? I was scared of gaining weight when eating carbs. I was scared of wearing a bikini around others. I had surgery that summer and lost a lot of muscle. I was scared of people seeing my scars. I would run for an hour after eating a granola bar. I would get up every morning and run for at least 30 minutes. I stressed out a lot about how I looked.


Bodybuilding taught me that food was your friend. When utilized right it can help you lose fat and gain muscle. I learned to use cardio as a tool during cutting or as a tool to relax, not as a punishment for eating. I stick to a mealplan and eat healthy every day BUT… I get cheatmeals where I can eat whatever I want. Remember how I thought I would get fat from eating one donut? I can eat like 5 donuts and still look lean! Your body doesn’t change within one day not to the better and not to the worse. It’s important to create healthy eating habits and work out and stick to a plan but it’s also important to learn how to fall in love with your body and treat it well. Go out and treat yourself once in a while!


Besides the impact of how I view myself physically, bodybuilding taught me that I can achieve ANYTHING. I never thought to see abs, but I worked hard, every day and now they are there. Bodybuilders are on their own, what you put in you get out. The psychological changes that have happened over the last 1 ½ years are mostly about confidence and drive. Everything I do has a purpose, I try to be a role model for others, I want others to see their own potential and rise to their own expectations. It’s okay to be different and have other goals than your peers. And that’s what I think is most important.


Your life is up to you. Your body is up to you. Change habits and see your own life change – day by day.






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