Train Your Core - Mind And Muscle

Your “core” is defined as the muscles around your trunk and pelvis. The core is one of the body parts that a lot of people neglect to workout. But, working out your core is essential to keep your overall strength and balance.

Having abs doesn’t necessarily mean you have a strong core either. The abs come in when you’re at a low body fat percentage, but are not detrimental.


Reasons to train core:

  • Core exercises improve your balance and stability

This can be important for any type of activity. From lifting a box to swinging a golf club.

  • Core exercises can be done anywhere at any time

Body weight exercises, at a gym, on the floor.

  • Tone your abs

Aesthetics are another reason to workout the core.

  • Synergistic muscles to many movements

Our limbs are held together by our core. When now the core is strong, it will help improve any movement of our limbs as well because our core assists these movements.

  • Well-rounded health benefits

Balance of strength throughout our body is essential to be healthy all around.


When working out and strengthening your core, the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, lower back and hips work in harmony. This will help with keeping your body stable and help you with any type of sport (from hockey to weightlifting to running…).

Another really important thing to consider is that the core exercises help you keep good posture. Keeping the core tight will help minimize injury and pain from bad posture.


What ab routine do I like to do?

5 sets of 20 reps rope crunches:

You put a rope on a cable machine and kneel in front of it. Hold the rope with your hands close to your kneck and bow down. Basically like prayer. Focus on squeezing the abs.

5 sets of 30 reps leg raises:

You just hang from a bar and then lift your knees to your chest. These can be done straight or to the sides. Again, use your abs to lift your knees and not any other body part.

2 sets of 100 reps each:

A tri-set. You do 100 bicycles, 100 leg raises and 100 turtle crunches on the floor.


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