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We are all about being real with you here at Mind and Muscle and in the realm of preworkout products there is one rule!  BUY WHAT YOU LIKE.  A new brand and a new preworkout pops up literally every 15 minutes on facebook claiming to be “original” and better than the rest.  No, we don’t offer 1000 preworkout products, we only offer ones that are made in a reputable facility and contain what’s on the label.  These are our picks for a preworkout but as long as you use one you are ahead of the game.

Preworkouts are a very important part of every bodybuilders arsenal of products. A good preworkout can give you nutrients you need to grow during a workout and the proper stimulants that get you focused and amped up.  The mental game is just as important as the physical game when working out!  A solid preworkout will have the right amount of stimulants and nutrients and those things should balance out to make for a great workout.

Stimulants 101

There are lots of articles on stimulants but here I will cover the basics, so you know what you have to work with and what would be the most effective for you!  Each stimulant has a certain strength and time where it is active to clear. Depending on your tolerance to stimulants and your goals, you can pick the right preworkout or take one of our top suggestions.

Caffeine – sometimes called 1,3,7 Trimethyl Xanthine, plain old caffeine is the most basic stimulant in every preworkout.  Caffeine ranges from about 150mg per serving to a whopping 400mg per serving in some preworkout products.  Caffeine has a long life in the body and usually lasts 3-5 hours. Side effects are usually rare but can include nausea and rapid heart rate.  Caffeine is in just about every preworkout and it gives energy and focus while lifting.

Synephrine – this extract of bitter orange has been used for 20 years as a weight loss aid and energy supplement.  It’s the lesser cousin of ephedrine and has a shorter half life than caffeine (usually an hour). It can cause anxiety in some people but usually is very safe and effective as a focus factor before a workout.

Methyl-Synephrine – another extract, this is slightly stronger than standard synephrine with many of the same properties.  Its slightly closer in structure to ephedrine but still doesn’t have the same fat loss potential.

Yohimbine – once considered dangerous, yohimbine is now found in many preworkout products.  This is not a traditional stimulant because it doesn’t cause vasoconstriction, but it does give a neurological effect similar to a stimulant and is good for fat burning.  Yohimbine can cause anxiety in some people so it’s best to test your tolerance with this one.

DMAA (1,3 Dimethylamylamine) – this was once the most enjoyed preworkout stimulant until it was declared public enemy #1 by the FDA and others.  Luckily it is still legal and available and reasonably safe when used properly.  DMAA can give extreme focus in the gym when com

Performance Ingredients

The typical preworkout contains creatine of some sort along with a host of amino acids.  Most now contain Beta Alanine too, which causes itching or flushing symptoms.  These ingredients are combined in special formula’s where the manufacturer “swears” that theirs is the most effective and precisely formulated to be the best.

The original nature of the preworkout to give you a massive pump before going to workout.  The original “preworkout” was truly “Ultimate Orange” back in the day which consisted of carbohydrates and ephedrine .  The modern preworkout which was creatine and amino acids plus caffeine was started by BSN with their NO Xplode product line.  Since that time there are literally hundreds if not over a thousand preworkout products on the market all with about the same basic ingredients some more and some less, but they are all good for one thing, which is to get you going before your workout.



APS Mesomorph – nothing can compare to MesoMorph for pure stimulant energy.  It’s got a decent formula behind it but it’s best known for its wicked strong stimulant mix which contains DMAA and Caffeine along with Theobromine.  Mesomorph comes in a large variety of flavors too which are as crazy as the stimulant complex.  The most interesting flavors are Rocket Pop which tastes like the old “Bomb Pop” from when you were a kid and “Tutti Fruity” which literally tastes like “Fruit Stripe” gum.  Mesomorph isn’t for the weak hearted so make sure you are in good health and can handle your stimulants. If you are in the market to have your head blown off from a preworkout, then take MesoMorph!


Wicked 3

Liquid Labs Wyked (pronounced Wicked) is a preworkout without a lot of ingredients but dosed appropriately.  It doesn’t contain any other stimulants besides caffeine, which makes it much more mild for those who don’t want a ton of energy but it does contain full doses of creatine and other key nutrients, which means a single scoop is an effective product for growth and recovery both.  Wyked comes in Lemonade flavor which mixes well with water.  If you want a basic preworkout product with large doses of only a few key nutrients, then Wyked is your best choice.



HemaVo2 Max from iForce Nutrition doesn’t really contain any stimulants, but it is heavy on pump ingredients such as Agmatine, HydroMax and other pump ingredients.  The pump can be just as inspiring in the gym as heavy stimulants.  Hemavol Max also has a massive amount of flavors which will give you plenty of choices on what you like.  The Rainbow Sherbet is quite tasty, but all of them are pretty good!  Hemavol Max is for those guys and gals that don’t like stimulants and still want an amazing pump filled blast before your workout!


Off the Chain - Strawberry Kiwi

While not really a “preworkout” Off The Chain is a blend of amino acids along with DMAA and caffeine.  This is a new class of workout nutrient blend that gives incredible recovery and anabolic properties while you train.  Instead of your BCAA’s and Glutamine during a workout it’s great to take them with your stimulants before the workout!  This gives you a “nutrient drip” while you workout and promotes an anabolic environment along with giving you focus and extra energy.  Off The Chain tastes great and mixes well.  It contains both caffeine and DMAA, which are a potent combination to get yourself going.


Another newcomer that has “pump” ingredients is BAD MOFO from AMS.  This product is for people who want a strong stimulant based formula but don’t want any creatine in their preworkout (creatine bloats some people).  BAD MOFO contains nutrients that will increase performance and build a much bigger pump. It contains Synephrine and Caffeine which means it’s a mild stimulant based product that you can use every day before you work out.


No matter what, if you take a solid preworkout formula you will almost always get a way better workout than if you don’t take one.  With literally hundreds of choices on the market all claiming to be “the best” and “most advanced” formula on the market, it’s hard to know which one will be best.  Mind and Muscle only sells brands that are made in a GMP facility with certifications ensuring that the ingredients claimed on the bottle are actually in the product.

This is our top picks and we stand behind these and will put them up against any on the market.  Enjoy them, lift hard and stay focused!


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