Top 5 Supplements To Take With Prohormones - Mind And Muscle

1-Andro ProhormoneProhormones are a hot topic for people who are taking any form of sports nutrition.  Prohormones represent the last legal step a person can take before they jump into doing illegal anabolic steroids. Prohormones work WAY better when combined with some other supplements that will enhance their positive effects.  In this article we discuss the top 5 supplements that should be paired up with all prohormones to maximize your cycle and make everything even more effective.

Before we jump in and get started, this article won’t cover the basics that everyone into weight training should be using like Amino Acids, Creatine, Protein and the other basics that men and women use each day to get their best work in at the gym.


There are some really good and inexpensive supplements that can be taken with prohormones to give the maximal effect and then there are some more elaborate and expensive ingredients. These will be listed by price to make putting an effective cycle together even easier.  You can make some simple improvements without breaking the bank.

  • Zinc – this essential mineral can help make “androgens” work more effectively at the receptor, which gives prohormones benefits due to increased incorporation into the receptor complex.  Zin can be purchased at any local drugstore for $3-5 dollars, so don’t spend a lot of money.  Try to use the chelated form (zinc citrate, zinc aspartate etc…) vs teh zinc oxide form.  Take 50mg per day with food.
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – this amino acid complex has been shown in studies to increase androgen receptor activity which again will assist in the utilization of the andorgens created by prohormones.  LCLT may also help utilize fat more efficiently, which increases the leaning out effect that is achieved by prohormones. Take 2-3g per day prior to working out.
  • Coleus Forskohlii 20% – this herbal extract can help accelerate all biological projects but especially 3bHSD which is a major enzyme responsible for converting prohormones into active androgens. This will also help with erectile quality and fat loss. Definitely one of the best supplements you can take with prohormones!  Best used 250-500mg per day.
  • -(-)-Epicatechin –  this is a flavenol from dark chocolate that has been shown to inhibit myostatin.  Myostatin is a signaling hormone that tells the body to tear down muscle cells. By inhibiting this, you can harness the anabolic power of prohormones by blocking one of the main ways that muscle is torn down.  While expensive, this ingredient is very potent at helping add muscle.  take 300mg per day in divided doses.
  • Arachidonic Acid – this fatty acid can help by increasing inflammation and androgen receptor uptake.  By creating inflammation, you cause more damage to the muscle cells and thus you fatigue faster and do more micro-damage to the cells.  This leads to more growth and an increased repair rate, which will impact muscle cell size and activation.  AA is found in a few supplements, but the best is X-Factor by molecular nutrition.  Use 1800mg per day to achieve maximum effect.


There are a few other supplements worth mentioning that may help with mass and size along with prohormones.

  • Ecdysterone – these bug steroids may increase protein synthesis along a different pathway.  Studies in animals have shown increased strength with edysteroid use which will potentially stack well with prohormones. 300-600mg per day.
  • Laxogenin – similar to ecdysteroids, these natural compounds also work under a different pathway than standard steroids and can help increase protein synthesis and muscle creation.  Use 150mg per day.
  • Coconut Oil – rich in caprylic acid, which is a fat that can help steroid utilization by 5-10%, coconut oil is a cheap form of this supplement often called MCT. Use coconut oil for cooking and as a fat for your meals.


Prohormones are potent builders of mass and strength, but you can always benefit from adding support and boosting nutrients on top of your cycle.  Balance the cost and benefits of these nutrients to build an even better cycle to gain mass.  Remember that supplements only help to amplify your gains in the gym.  Real muscle is made with exercise and diet and supplements are not a replacement for hard work and proper eating.

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