Todd Lee's Second Blog Post 5/13/14 - Mind And Muscle

Todd Lee’s Training Blog 5/13/14

This weeks weight: 185, 189.7, 185, 187, today wendsday

Density Phase day 3:

somehow my leg workout was dropped from the last post but Ill re post it:

Monday’s Leg workout (cybex garbage)

Superset Leg culrs and leg extentions 3×20

curls 90, Xtentions 150

Leg press 3 x 20

700,800,900 by no means a personal record but this was my first real workout after 2 weeks off and 1 week of a deload which was suprosingly brutal

Hack squats 3×20

90,140, 140 drop 90

DB RDL 3 x 20


Walking lunges 3×12 each leg

30s x 3

Leg xtentions FST7 (40 second rest)



Yesterdays workout was CHEST, CALVES, ABS

12 minutes HIIT, was a bust, the STAIRS and ARC were taken so i tried to do it on the treadmill but it was so fancy it fought with me the whole time, my heart rate was up but it was from frustration and Wyked induced rage.


my left side is still messed up, in early april I weighed 184 and could do 20 but now assisted I had a hard time with them despite only being 185

Incline DB flys 3 x 12

55,60, 70, 70, 70 (this was to warm up the chest not to be the core lift, as such these were till my  form started slipping not actual failure)

Incline BB press 3 x 10

Incline was taken by someone who wasn’t there so i started putting my towel down and he came over all in a huff like I was supposed to know it was in use not just absorbed by some asshole who left his plates on

So i defaulted to the smith

+50, +90, +140, +180 (only got 8), +140, +160 (only last 3 were to failure so i only count failure sets)

Flat DB press 3×8

60, 70, 70, 70 all chest

FST7 cables 40 second rest 7×20

24,24,24,24,12,12,12 (perfect upper chest pump)

Please note although the weights are very low I do them in such a way and with a tempo which makes light weight heavy, this stimulates the muscles without damaging the joints.  I look at it like this: a head shot with a 9mm is better than a leg shot with a .44.  Ask any zombie hunter:)

Seated Calves 3x 12

4 plates, 4.5 plates, 4 plates, drop plate, drop plate, drop plate for 40 total reps.

donkey calves 3 x12

400, 490, 490, 490

not my typical calf pump, i think i need more volume, at least 7 sets

Ab machine 100 reps

only got 43 despite it being a quadruple drop set, so i did 2 more sets and got up to about 70 then was done, never can get all 100 reps.


Workouts were designed by CJ jackson, with his help I have had much more success in the past 9 month of this offseason than the previous 9. before, I gained fat and lost muscle in offseasons, but with his help I have gained about 12 pounds of mass with the same body fat in the past 9 months.





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