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fit guy smilingby: Dante E. Battista
Thus Spoke Dante

In our hunger for knowledge, always we read in hopes of not being drowned in a sea of lies, still then parched with thirst. The ‘experts’ either so-called or so assumed, for you to question, lies far beyond direct and consistent means.

This world to me is odd; though much time in it do I invest. For me it’s business and pleasure. It was only a little over a year ago that I happened upon my first introduction to a message-board. I was blown away. So much information presented by so many minds. It was a way for me to communicate with others on a personal and more importantly, an intellectual level. All of this from the humble dwelling that is my apartment.

So much time I spent reading magazines, the nonsense of it all, always disappointed, wondering who truly knew what about that they spoke of. I don’t and didn’t have hours each day to invest, but message-boards then become a means to gather a year’s worth of information in but a month.

Here will we, the benefits, explore.


Like their print-published counterparts, Internet magazines employ a vast pool of writers. Most major print-publications also have an online edition. The great benefit of the internet, however, is that smaller endeavors initiated with little funds can put forth their ideas, free from the drawbacks of print—little money, being unknown.

Mind and Muscle Magazine, as an example, has been an internet-only entity for the past several years, soon this to change. You see the author’s writing, you then see them posting. So refreshingly far apart is this from what we’re accustomed to.

Science Resources

From Google searches to Pub Med access to scientific abstracts, need you not any longer rely on the word of one author alone. You can weigh the veracity of a person’s word against the scientific storm, or at least directly against that of their peers.

Anyone in a magazine can pose as a guru, but when wider are your resources, either you see their soundly-built mind, or their words suspended over faulty ground, easily to fall when the wind of reason blows to question them.

Many references used to support a product’s claims are often contradicted by another. When cruising the net can you see all the signs, instead of what’s only on the left side of the road.

Message Boards

Internet Message boards: the platform from which truth is forged. By thousands are people seen, by many are people questioned, reputations built, those once masquerading as “gurus”, extirpated. Products, companies and their claims, now rationally dissected by numerous minds, some the average enthusiast, several the science-minded, some, even the scientists.

From Steroids to Smilax, no longer do you have to either totally accept someone’s word as the wind of truth, or spend countless hours alone searching, relying solely on your own interpretation. On a message board, the dialogue unfolds. You can test your theories against the logical scrutiny of others, and so runs the converse.

More engaging than sending an email off to a particular writer who arrests your interest, the lines of communication delayed, or off to a company, perhaps to be fed more of the same fabrications, many threads (a topic of discussion on a message board) evolve into fast-paced debates. You question, soon then to receive response, others to offer their take, and so on further does the dialectic evolve.

But the degree of benefit as may it come from a board is only as good as the members.

Two preeminent examples of the Internet at best: Avant’s forum at and CuttingEdgeMuscle (CEM) at Although ours is a company board, by far removed is the notion of “bias,” exploded when seen are the minds that post. Obsequious, our members are not. Even we are questioned, our logic scrutinized, unlike certain other company boards, their gurus who never to leave the protected confines of their quarters (we post on many “neutral” grounds).

CEM, led by Nandi12 and JGuns, is the premiere house of intelligent discussion on Anabolic Steroid pharmacology. While Avant has an Anabolics forum, our supplement forum is far and away the greatest home to intelligent discussions of OTC products, and for CEM, the opposite true. We each place emphasis on a different subject, but all do we both still cover.

As well by both also discussed, are training and dieting, as even more salient are the myths which run through these fundamental building-blocks toward our betterment. A journal can one also post, to track every detail—every sprinkle to be—for others to comment upon.

Between these two sites, from Pro-Hormones and Creatine to Testosterone and Trenbolone, science is more often than not, referenced, and one more often than not will learn more in one sitting than ever they have from one-thousand magazines. Thousands of hours will you verily have seen wasted.

The community itself…

Every person imbues the board with their own dye, some more well-versed in certain subjects than others. Instead of allowing your limitations to be just that, limits, now are you a piece of a great puzzle. At the end of any given day, through the contributions of many, comes a new tower of information and insight built person by person, each thought a brick further toward the construction of knowledge.

This beyond, as should even that be enough, there’s also a sense of belonging as you befriend others, they of like mind and like interest. It’s easier to learn when the environment is friendly, and warm. From depression to eating disorders, even are these routinely discussed, the hand of help extended with sincere concern by others in similar predicaments.

And, it’s emotional and spiritual support. No longer relegated to those around who don’t understand, or, if otherwise, are they ever so few, you’ll have access to thousands of men and women all swimming in the same river, even if in different boats.

…And the drawbacks.

“Flaming” is prevalent on the lesser boards when the rabble reign, the board not properly governed. Other than not partaking in such nonsensical occurrences, the only true remedy is to find a well-moderated board, as always will this weed-out those who merely yearn to incite anger from those who wish to learn and teach.

Often pervading such means of communication, are starving egos, waiting to be fed by the myrmidons. Such people as this may take the form of the average poster, or sadly in some cases, Moderators. These are the people who are supposed to instill trust, effective communication devoid of haughtiness. Gurus, self-proclaimed, yet cheaply made. And how this to prevent?

Put your glance well beyond the surface. Don’t be afraid to question, as the better posters realize that they’re not omniscient and are more than happy to respond to a challenge if it’s appropriate—that is, calling someone a thief well before they can retort isn’t conducive if sought is a calm response.

Critical thinking is the means by which we’ll better the industry and more importantly ourselves. Just because one is praised by many, doesn’t by that alone mean such accolades are rightfully due.

Let the speed of your modem…

…be the catalyst to your progress.

All said and everything explained, no true fitness enthusiast who has themselves connected can afford to pass up the patent benefits of the world-wide-web. The “gurus” had their day in the sun, when we all read with shades; but, as more people become conversant with the net, realizing the wealth of information as does it bring, true knowledge will shine. The charlatans, as gurus can they no longer masquerade; each dollar of yours is now more effectively spent as you access the means by which the truth can be deciphered.

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