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Thus Spoke Dante

October the 7th H.R 5564 introduced, then reintroduced as HR.207 early January, Reps. John Sweeney (R-NY), and Tom Osborne (R-NE) behind this. To amend the controlled substances act, if passed, reclassifying all “Pro-Hormone” products as scheduled Anabolics. To stop there, hardly.

Summary of H.R. 207

The United Supplement Freedom Association, with articles on their site (, detail the bill’s sponsors, the substances in question, and behind them, the science. Here merely will I recapitulate.

Precursors to Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS), all to be banned. Beyond this, even the precursors to the precursors, so DHEA and Pregnenolone, as well, assailed. However, their feet to further travel, even the metabolites of such substances are covered. By this, 7Keto DHEA, which doesn’t convert to Testosterone, or any other scheduled AAS, is well warm under the blanket.

Members of the United States Anti-Doping Administration (USADA) are the lungs behind Sweeney and Osborne. Supposedly, even the USADA to introduce a bill of their own. If that, not enough, Senator Joe Biden, proponent of the Anabolic Steroid Control Act, purportedly set to slice freedom with his own pen.

$42.5 million dollars set aside, to “educate” youths about the use of Steroids (1). The never-ending “war on drugs,” evidently forever to loom over our heads. Even when trapped in this economic crunch, politicians always to spend money, never their own, on “principle,” no matter how fruitless.

The Damolcean sword is, and will always be, wrought from our pocket’s coins.


Certainly, as always there are.

1) This won’t affect those who partake in illicit Anabolics:

10 million dollars will be set aside for 2004, 15 million for 2005, and 17.5 millions for 2006 for “education programs at the grade and high school levels to highlight the harmful effects of steroids and steroid precursor use by youths” (1). Total, $42.5 million.

2) The ban, caused by inappropriate marketing:

DHEA, 4-Diol, 4-Dione (“Andro”), 19-Nor-Androstenedione and 19-Nor-Diol, all currently on the USADA list of prohibited substances (2) They, behind this, that said, Pro-Hormones were always a target, this just now the time.

Were certain companies irresponsible, when considered is their marketing, definitely.

Assuredly, such negative publicity bought the opposition’s ease, but such indiscretions were hardly the cause. Also, if one puts a second eye to their concern, if it weren’t for regulation, we wouldn’t have to be cautious about waking the sleeping giant. And, do note, that the giant doesn’t rest when only “undisturbed.” Surely something always to ire, no matter how distant or small, when public acclaim is sought.

Ten men can’t step on the same stone, and that said, nothing stands above suspicion, as everyone needs their own ladder.

3) It’s about protecting “the children”:

Truly, if it was, then age-restrictions would be tossed into the fray, that the only issue. “But restrictions don’t always stop the procurement,” yes, that’s so, even that considered, still there’s Alcohol and Cigarettes. I assume we all know why the aforementioned are politically protected.

4) Those fond to speak “we’ll all be going to the dark side”:

Do understand, with increased emphasis on “fighting terrorism”, our personal matters are certain to be more assiduously scrutinized; that is, in the process of “fighting terrorists” it will become much harder to partake in certain other activities as the Argus-eyed Government furrows its brow deeper in scorn.

5) “It’s the liberals”:

Sweeney and Osborne, Republicans. A fool to assumes a trenchant difference between the parties. Your quixotic notions won’t save you. So long as the public believes in the evils of certain supplements, whatever they may be, then as such tongues unravel, now there is the path to demagoguery.

One foot always follows the other

The European Union, already to restrict usage of what we consider, pedestrian vitamins/minerals. For the USADA to enter private lives, any such substances on their list, and whatever may be there in the future, could eventually be whisked away from our cupboard. The NCAA, who as well, offer support, even pose restrictions on protein powders, amino acids and creatine (3). And don’t argue “but they’ve been proven safe.” Again, finally let this nail pierce your head: in politics, perception is truth.

What can you do?

Obviously, contact your representatives. There are format letters on the USFA site, and you are advised to snail-mail them. If you’re a media-mouth, then put this toward your viewers/listeners.

Print off a stack of letters, and distribute them to your local supplement stores. Surprisingly enough, many such business owners know nothing about this. The USFA site, email this to your friends and family.

One door always opens another. Obviously anyone reading this is interested in supplements of all kinds, and more importantly, your right to freely choose without that great ersatz-brain, the Government, hammering the decision for you.

For how much longer will you allow rabble-rousing one’s way to public glory to supplant freedom. A violation of one private concern will never, there, end.




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