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Thus Spoke Dante

Speak, for the blood of patriots and tyrants is said to water the trees of Liberty, and now do they proclaim, “I would die today for the civil liberties of tomorrow,” or “I would die tomorrow for the liberty of today.” Our men seem more concerned with the many ways in which they may immolate themselves in a stand for martyrdom than they do with that which brought forth wrath to begin with.

Let the proclamation resound as we also call for the death of tyrants. A humble man, demure in demeanor, can be roused to vengeful anger when those that speak of the transgressions of tyrants cross his ears with words of anguish.

“We must revolt!”

Destroyed now will be your asinine perception of “we,” for “we” never cease to cast the storm that blinds us. One man hurls his grains of sand toward the storm before him, and then wonders why his eyes tear, and why he is at the sudden mercy of that which seemingly came from nothing. His eyes blind, his body falls to the mercy of force. “We must revolt!” — and your hollow winds scream in blind defiance, for you suffer at the will of that which you enabled.

The incessant call for regulation ceaselessly strikes our ears. We decry the auspice of regulation that takes from our hands the tools that build and break us, yet we know not how this came now upon us. The eyes of tyranny beat down in their gaze upon us. We seek out the wicked, the evil among us; let them dare not cross us, for we are the vengeful.

One transgressor of Humanity, author of countless times, whose crimson hands have strangled throats from the shadows, eludes our just retaliation, for he has never been known.

Come now his day.

If I were given a single spear to proclaim the end of the tyrants’ wrath, I would hurl it through the heart of the common man.

The Tragedy of Commons

“There are thieves that have never stolen, and murderers that have never killed”

The common man. The divine whisper of his words is said to move mountains and to build Empires. Poets chant his high heralds, authors’ praise his subtle grace, and political institutions are erected for his protection.

The Tragedy of Commons is the circumstance in which the boundaries of private property are obliterated, and every man is free to take that which he wants upon any given plane. In this case, man does not look to the future, as he is concerned with his present desires, regardless of the finite nature of the resource in question. If the commons were instead various segments of private property, then each man would take more concern in the more conservative use of his resources; and for those that did not begin to see the finite nature of their matters at hand, they would never cease to call poverty and despair their master.

To the eyes that dwell upon the commons, the mind can not grasp what the eyes fail to see. The eyes see abundance, and the mind defers. A man that only has ten cows and one acre of land can measure his resources, and how long his current means of usage will last. He can not rationally calculate when he sees infinity as a resource, nor does he see a need to for the fruits are aplenty and so his mind does deceive.

…and with each clap of the tongue, the drums of War resound

I speak of another tragedy, and the field of another commons: the common man. The tragedy, which I speak of, being due to his inability to see his relation to the world around him, and how his thoughts, as dictated by his mind, drape the world in his vision. And this Tragedy of Commons is when man fails to see how his call for political intervention, and his chants for regulatory institutions depletes freedom piecemeal.

He says, “We live in a free country, the freest of them all,” yet sees not how freedom is frail, how liberty is transgressed with the smallest footstep, and how the reigns of tyranny hang in wait, like the sword of Damocles hung high over the forlorn. One man sees his resource as being infinite, and takes as he sees fit; another man sees liberty as an existential given, and fails to see how even the mightiest ship can capsize when the waves of force relentlessly storm.

And those that put forth the cries are those that bring forth the problem. They, of the Janus-faced bastards, that see not the role they play in this tyranny of sorts and how they form the Tragedy of Commons that I now speak of. We ponder the transgressions of tyrants, and how those that seek to reign never cease to take hold. Now cease to wonder and begin to know.

Poisoned Pen of History

‘The pen is mightier than the sword” and the pen of History has drawn enough blood to cover this Earth in crimson stain.’

For each day we find ourselves in faring—lies, deceit, and the false perceptions that men hold dear to their hearts, make our witness. Some perverse logical necessity so blinds men into the seeming belief that what is written within the tomes of past, then becomes the truth at hand. Seldom do we question the man and his perceptions; the annals of History are taken at face value with no further thought on the matter. History becomes perception, and perception is taken as truth, irrespective of the greater or lesser relation to reality.

The successive storms of ash that dusts the pages of our book, endears itself to the hearts of men. “One must respect their elders,” and the same notion that tells us not to question a fool whose rot of mind is only paralleled by their decay of body, so tells us not to rationally question the cherished notions of times past.

“Our Book of History has told us…”


How often we hear of the necessity for regulation of the Economy, since the Gods of History have thus spoken of the “abuse” and “excess” of past times, and for times come forth, if we wish to avoid this transgression, we must learn from history. The hollow words that speak with false perception are taken as the holy writ, merely due to their antiquity.

Each thought and perception, that the tongue beats, bears an aspect of what one believes to be the truth, and the mere repetition of this does not lend itself to being so. One can quote the pages of history and the eloquent words of blind men, yet one will not be quoting the truth. One may mention in elaborate detail the events of history as they have read it, yet the cause may rest upon falsehood and deception.

Consider the fundamental aspects of history, and one should see not mere words, names, faces and all that is swept away in times ephemeral pass. History is the presentation of events that have a causal connection. If we open our Book and read of suffering, the wives that have witnessed the death of their husbands, fathers holding the bodies of their sons, famines, plagues, the reign of war, the posit of Empire, and the realms of deceit, we may see the events as the Historian put forth, however, the first causal aspect may be hidden.

History is properly the concrete instances of a fundamental causal chain. Far removed from this notion is history as we have come to know it, for it is the presentation of misconceptions and concrete instances with the false presentation of causes.

And to those that speak with “historical fact,” you must then speak of the cause that brought forth this instance of suffering. To say that “such and such happened in this and that time,” may or may not be truth in its entirety, and even if this is the truth, the cause that is mentioned should not be taken at face value. Reality and existence are governed by cause and effect, and all human actions are bound to the chains of causality.

Empires from Ashes

‘Something can not come from nothing, and something can not go back to nothing’

The throne of Empire rests upon the back of commoners. From those that held the “Divine Right of Kings” to those that hold the pseudo-divinity of “Society” as a proper ideal, we shackle ourselves to the fetters of consequence.

If the shackles that bound a subject to his King were removed, that man would quickly fetter himself yet again if he believed that his best interests were to be place in the hands of Kings, and the posit of Empire. God only exists in the mind of his believers, and only those that continue to believe in its necessity perpetuate Empire. If this were not so, then no dictatorship would even attempt to justify itself to their people, for even then, they must make appeals to “freedom,” “tradition,” and “loyalty”.

“Common Man is that ‘I’ who empowers himself through delegating all his ethical responsibility to his ego ideal, embodied in the Political Man”.- Conor O’Dea

The division of labor in a Free Market allows each person to use their given abilities to their advantage. And with this, a productive society is spawned from the ash of nothingness. Man, no longer being the farmer, the soldier, the craft-maker and the builder, can specialize in that aspect of work which his abilities best lend themselves.

The delegation of force is no different. One can not be the policeman and the enforcer, yet remain the banker, the husband, and the father at the same time, with the same degree of efficiency. Thus, he delegates his protection to the police, his management of rights to the courts, and his general assessment of matters to those institutions in which he puts faith. And simply put, some are more suited to the use of force than others. One man is more adroit at wielding a checkbook; one other more adept at waging war.

However, when the choice of purchase is not left to the opinion of the consumer, or the mere opinion of that institution that one puts their trust in arms, but instead to regulation, then the reigns come down. In a Free Market, one could choose a consumer agency to put their faith in, with regards to what product meets the test of time and those products which have not earned such approval, then they would be warned, and with this, a decision would be made by the consumer.

When this institution does not rest upon the plane of the Free Market, but rather stands upon the realm of political intervention, then the matters become different. Man is no longer free to choose, but has his options dictated to him by the decree of force. And let no one say that such matters can be voted for, in such an spurious herald of “freedom.” One man putting his trust in his private agency of choosing is not the same as a man who votes for your choice as well.

And to those that speak with smirk against “self-regulation,” your smile should be taken away, for it holds no validity. Only the mouth, whose words ring true, is rightfully fit to smile. A consumer agency can stand in a free market, and one is free to choose whom to believe. And, the process of a Free Market is swift. Your dollar is your vote, and the immediate betrayal of trust spells death for a market not bound in political throes; in the political fare, the betrayal of trust requires immense time, voting, and money used without consent. And as we see, the calls thus resound, “We need more resources.”

The inefficient in a free market are punished, and those that stand the test, of willing consent, prosper. In the political fare, inefficiency is rewarded by the granting of more money, more resources. If one million dollars was not enough, then four million more is asked for. For the business that proceeded in such a manner, the heralds of their demise would soon be heard.

The consumer is the most vicious of judges, when they are asked to part with their money. Charity falls upon deaf ears, when seeking alms for your inefficient matters of operation. Realms of political matters fare far different, for they do not “compete,” and unlike the free market, where dominance is earned by majority vote with the parting of money, political structures stand regardless. They can not “fail” in the proper sense of the term, since they do not go “out of business.”

And some matters are not fit to be “efficient.” Surely, one is not overly pleased to hear how efficient the IRS is in any given year. And so with this, regulatory agencies such as the FDA are not rightfully meant to be “efficient.” The swifter they are, and the more forceful the decree, then the greater the reign of regulation will find us.

“Without regulation, nothing is to stop the greedy self-serving company, whose only interests are theirs.”

The “greedy” self-serving company does not last long without its patrons. The bear goes hungry when it is not fed, and the greedy leave empty handed when money is not voluntarily parted. The bear may take, with force, that which is not given by volition; in political systems, in which commerce is entangled in political collusion, man takes by force that which he is not voluntarily given. One dollar is one vote, and you only vote for yourself. In the political process, someone votes not only for themselves, but they then decide where your money is spent as well, and to whom your choice is delegated.

This is of obvious consequence to “democracy” as being a primary goal, and this is of consequence to those that believe Capitalism to be the greed of “self-serving” businessman. A man who only serves himself, and does not find his interests in the common company of the consumer, makes not a dime — that is, with the exclusion of political intervention, via subsidies and grants.

And, such is the distortion of the Market, for political intervention makes the businessman a servant of the state, asking for law to the benefit of him. The mark of corruption is not when “big-business” has “deep-pockets” and can “buy a law;” the mark of corruption is witnessed when the market stands as such that the business structure is intertwined with political structure, allowing such collusion to be manifest. In the Free Market, he must serve the needs of the consumers, and for those wants that he does not fulfill, he finds himself unrewarded.

“The FDA is a necessary evil”

And only a fool speaks of evil as being necessary. Either something is inherently good, or is inherently corrupt. If something is both “evil” and “necessary,” it is only to a fool far too bind to see the contradiction of his beliefs. Testing and research can be carried out by a private firm, and if you speak against “for-profit agencies,” you would do well to remember that no Government firm operates without funding, and no worker in political structure works for free.

Corruption is found in campaign, and those that curry the favour of politicians are those that take advantage of a fundamental flaw in a structure that entwines business and politics. “For profit”– is a synonymous term for–“with your consent.” For all things political, where business melds with force and funding, “with your consent” takes on a perverse form, where others can vote for your choice as well, and the machinations of statecraft storm without your assent.

When the voice comes, proclaiming the superior and unbiased state of non-profit agencies, realize that they too require funding; and whether the parting of money comes under the auspice of “for profit” or “non-profit”, realize that each seeks funding from those that will part their money. A not-for-profit organization without funds to carry out its chosen endeavors does not exist. In that consideration, they too have a “financial motive” for that which they may state.

Much like the many consumer magazines that issue reports on sundry goods, the same agency could do so for drugs and supplements as well. One without time to research their purchase themselves could vest their faith in those who make such matters their business. One could choose the matters of testing and the matters of research to voluntary contribute to. And, of course, any company that failed its customers in this regard, would not be long for the marketplace. How obscene it is to have an institution that operate regardless of your volition or satisfaction, all the while drawing upon your money without your consent.

And don’t speak to say, “We can vote.” Ass, such matters should not be voted upon. If my trust in stock was put toward company A, you are not forced to fund them, and if you do not believe in their edicts, you are still free to purchase your desired substance regardless.

You, who believed that intervention is needed, “but not to this extent,” cease to speak as well, for you have said nothing. It stands, fundamentally, that political intervention into the market place is inherently corrupt, since it distorts voluntary consent, which is the voluntary parting of money, which is the essence of the market place proper.

And for those that zealously storm against those that “deceive us”, do well to see with those myopic eyes that no system makes the wretched blessed, and the bereft virtuous. In the Free Market, if a company is found to cast the veil of deception, it will be destroyed upon this revelation. No alms will come its way, no mercy will be shown. Let’s see this in our modern political fare of Empire.

Time: Persecutor of Man

“From the process of progression to the state of entropy, Time is either the revelation of our future peace in prosperity, or it sings the heralds of our coming death.”

Trees stand before us, yet what once was a seed is now the impending form that catches our eye. Time revealed if the seed was planted well, or if it was planted in grounds not fertile. A man who saw the tree as a matter of chance saw not the seed, and saw not the revelation of Time.

Political structures, repression, tyranny, death, and deceit are revelations of time. To those that plant the seeds of reason, logic, and purposeful human action, the sweet fruit of that harmony is revealed; to those that water their seeds with the malevolent grace of poison, time brings the reign of death and despair. The persecution of Man is a function of time; those that plant the seeds of poison will then suffer when the hands of time reveal the fruit of effort, and those that harvest the seeds of reason will then see that Time bestows the most gentle of blessings. Her benediction is bestowed to the thinkers; the dreamers are left to writhe in agony.

When a ship capsizes and one end sinks, and yet the other ends stays above the break of water, one must know that time will reveal that the end is near. No man-made structure comes about by matter of chance, but rather, they come forth as the result of purposeful intent – each cause has an effect and each effect, a cause.

Political structures are a distinct form of purposeful action, since buildings are not merely held in vision, yet the final form results from a combination of visions, stitched in seam. Empire is not a natural fact of existence, and does not come about by chance. The fact that the result of tyranny was unintentional is beside the point. And Mans’ persecution at the hands of time will be revealed when ideas, as put into political form, finally come to their logical conclusions.

Fortune’s incessant beating of the doldrums.

For those that rebel against the “status quo” of corruption, it is you that beats the drum of stagnation. When corruptions rears its head in the eyes of Man, it is those that either turn a blind eye, or give a consenting nod of head, that perpetuates the state of corruption.

The doldrums pound, as the common fare of everyday circumstance leads us to believe that such matters as seen are hopeless, or that such matters, as are, are existential facts caused not by us. Now beats the drums of War, for your tongues clap, chanting for regulation and political enforcement in the market. And with the coming passage of time, these chants blossom into full-form political structure. Time has revealed that all we see before us, from the FDA to the FTC, has come about by those whose fundamental fault lied in the belief that regulation was needed in a Free Market.

From the first faint whisper that screamed its bellow, to the last voice that resounds, all things grand come from the ash. Look at the World, and speak of evil; such machinations of the wicked did not find their posit without prior stepping stones. Time came to reveal the collective voice of those that asked for Empire.

“Arbeit Macht Frei”

Work for your freedom, struggle until death. The creative mind “knows no boundaries” or so some are wont to put it. His persecution is dealt in increments, fleeting moments of varying degrees of intensity. Time tells us that our industry should evolve, not regress, and such is how we come to think. We “expect,” someone, somewhere to be the driven hammer, nailing his progress into the cross of creation.

Regulation strikes against the possibilities of investment, and making way for the proliferation of fly-by-night operations. Those normally at the forefront of progress are wary to invest when their products can be seized based on mere whim or “public outcry.” The politician, never wishing to be accused of being the stagnant soul when “the public is in danger,” scorches the Earth with his heat in order to gather votes.

And for one so rare whose assets in creation lie far beyond mere marketing, he must come soon to realize the ephemeral nature of his calling. In a fully Free Market, his competitors, be they virtuous or base, are of no detriment to him, if we speak in political regards. In that aspect he is safe. But here his enemies are many.

Necessity dictates to the unwilling. When products are banned, and companies scramble to find new fuel for the financial machine, wonder not why they become more aggressive and egregious in spurious claims. “Innovation” can not be forced – and I speak not of those that never even held any intention of theoretical scientific progression, but for those that wished to investigate, ponder, create, and then market. They are forced to either find efficacious new products, from a finite, and dwindling pool, or stretch their claims further. The honest and capable will find few reasons to be of either such disposition. Sundry laws constrict the bubble of our industry. The more laws that come to pass, the more stipulations that must be met, the less the light of possibility shines forth.

Work does not set you free when your progress is the essence of your demise.


… and what one chooses to impliment and impose, must be met with an equal display of force and understanding. A heavy sword will not be wielded by a weak arm, and any man that attempts to defy this will be the architect of his own destruction.

With what zeal, Machiavelli spoke against those he so termed the Unarmed Prophets. Those that seek to lead their people to their desired goal but then do not have the appropriate and necessary arms in order to sustain, with the force of hands, what the flow of words no longer chains to your persuasion.

To build a society, and then seek to maintain it only with words and goodwill, without (at times) resorting to the imposition of arms when peace and words can no longer keep men within your sphere of influence, would be becoming of those who set their eyes upon the aether, and their minds within the abyss of delusion. Such is not the power and order of the world, and those that oppose reality will soon then find their dreams in dust.

Weak arms straining to grasp that which they can not hold.

I speak of another Unarmed Prophet: the intellectually Unarmed Prophet. He that seeks to lead Society to a better existence with words only, but then, does not have the power of his mind to maintain such an imposition. Machiavelli’s Prophet could lead a society to glory, but then could not maintain it. Our Prophet can lead men to believe that their Revolution can be achieved, and that we “must do something,” but they lack the rational mind to comprehend the first cause of such impending throes.

To them, effects are treated as though they were an existential given (and when they do admit a cause, it is only superficial, much like a Doctor telling you that obesity is “caused” by a hormonal imbalance, without seeing that perhaps the first cause was the persons lifestyle; Reason is the dead art in our present state of living). Those that seek to change an effect without changing a cause are magicians. A magician can not alter the laws of reality; they can only seemingly make us witness the negation of it.

When a train is seemingly made to disappear with the grace of magic, the fact remains that the train still exists by the grace of reality. The Man that sets himself before the coming train, hoping to be saved by the realms of magic, will be thus struck by the revelation of existence. A body falls, and existence reigns in conquest.

“Something must be done.” And so do they speak, not knowing the first cause of our present falter. “We must do something.” And so they assume that just because we may agree on one issue, that we agree on the fundamental issues that cause problem. You may very well be the person who created such a problem in the first place.

If a man set your house on fire and then saved you, he would not be regarded as a hero. If you and I both believe that the certain substance should be legal, but then had differing opinions as to the role of Government agencies, it should be quite obvious that we do not have anything fundamentally in common, and thus the mere fact that we share one particular belief does not mean that we share the fundamental belief that holds the issue at hand.

“One man walks for his health; Another Man walks to the tavern to drown his sorrows in suds; It should be quite obvious that each man is participating in a different activity”

We may both be against murder; the fact remains that you may very well hold beliefs that bring forth the sea of crimson in the first place. For the fact that we are “against” murder most certainly can not be taken to mean that we stand against the same issue. An issue is (or should be) the equivalent of a first causal aspect. When they speak of issues, I will then speak of causes; and the only terms of agreement will be when we set ourselves in common standing as to what the first cause is. For you who stand in this industry, whose substance of use happens to be in common with mine, if you believe that the FDA “is a necessary evil,” then I will necessarily regard you as an enemy, and treat you as such.

What dreams of “unity.” Now watch them crumble.

What great Revolutionaries you are, when you seek to cure the ills of this industry, when you are the ones poisoning the well to begin with. You bastards that seek Government enforcement and Regulatory agencies, and then decry the banning of “our” supplements. To you, apparently so, two plus two must equal three, since you do not see that the cause (you) and the effect (the industry in shambles, and the banning of drugs/substances via the Leviathan Political) are necessarily intertwined.

You seek to change the world, yet you do not seek to change yourself. In order to fight against something, one has to know what they are fighting for. If one is fighting against the “conspiracies” of the government apparatus, then one must fight for a political structure, which does not impose such oppressive agencies. For those that believe that the FDA is a “necessary evil,” then welcome to the self-made Hell in whose fires you burn.

What Prophets we have, who seek to change this industry and the way that society looks upon our substances of use, but then does not understand the first cause of such a society to begin with (i.e., the philosophy of the common person). If you believe that the Government needs to control our purchasing of products, lest we “harm ourselves,” or lest companies sell us “dangerous substances,” then do not be surprised when others deem some of your supplements/drugs of choice as “harmful” and “dangerous”.

We always suppose that agencies will enforce our will of what is right and what is wrong; we never suppose that others can use this same agency to enforce their will of what is right or wrong to your detriment. To some, cause and effect must have been once held, antiquated (and rebuked) notions. Lead us, great Revolutionary. “Something must be done!!” and most certainly, it will never be properly done by you.

From Empire to Ash

Vox Populi; Vox Dei; Vox Nihil

The voice of the People… These hapless creatures, whose whine becomes of a dog, beaten with a stick, staring at the world with somber eyes and shallow sentiment. The air resonates with the chants of Empire, and the populace responds with the chants of “Revolution.” The air carries no voice of its own. For those that wished to slit the throat of tyranny, it would be the blood of your own that would be then drawn.

Let those, who assume that kindness takes the form of soft speech, and the gentle caress of hands, see how the affable in association, and the gentle of touch, still wield the hammer of bloodshed; they crystallize malice in concepts.

Is the voice of God: To you, Political Enforcer, wishing for the choice of men to be within your sphere of influence: you think that power means the controlling of others. And what power one must have to have such blind followers that are obsequious in singing your hosannas. What a most glorious King you would be, if only you realized that you are as powerful as a man who reined over a cesspool filled with rats. No tyrant truly stands free as even the lowest peasant dreams the death of their master.

God and Government, devoid of power, as they must make their appeals of justification to their subjects. And what grace of power and ascent, for your throne of “power” rests itself upon the shoulders of rats. Strong men do not rest their worth upon the shoulders of fools; and fools seek to better themselves via political delegation. Then we wonder at the World, and ponder as to how the corruption of all things political finds its start. You feed the rats, you are the rats.

Is the voice of Nothing. Their hollow mist is carried away. When the smoke parts and our eyes bear witness to Caesar’s ascent to the throne of tyranny, now know those who sing the heralds of Empire, that each successive strike of their tongue sweeps the sound of the beating war drums.

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