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Body Builder Posingby: Dante E. Battista
Thus Spoke Dante

“……and their voice carries the gravity of sand swept away in the face of the tide. Their false morality crumbles in the face of logical scrutiny.”

The moral and the rational are one and the same. To rationally use any given substance, is to be justified morally. To those that separate the moral from the rational and put the use of drugs beyond the critique of logical incision, your Kingdom will now be laid to waste. This is not a discourse dealing with statistics or concrete instances of drug use. This will be a philosophical discourse as to the ideas that lie behind such numbers and drugs. To those that pose numbers and pose assertions without a logical (philosophical) justification, your voice carries the gravity of sand swept away in the face of the tide. The tide comes now upon you: I give you, a moral justification for the use of drugs.

Moral Man

“… and yet we call those beggars that set their eyes upon the heavens, yet know nothing of this world in which we live in, Moral. Man in his proper sense is the rational animal and progress is the crux of human existence; therefore, the presence of progress is the crux of the Moral Man. Progress does not come about blindly and so as such, only the rational shall achieve their proper goals. The Moral is the rational, and the rational man in his proper sense, is then the Moral Man.”

What feeble notions we hold of who the moral man is, and what images do we conjure when we think of such men. Who is the moral man? A quiet man sitting in a corner of this world, almost Stoic, waiting for this life to take him away just as swiftly as he came to be? Who else? A pacifist who starts wars with the imposition of their spurious ideals, and then claims that they do not wish to fight? (And “pacifists” are almost always those that plant the seeds of discontent, and then care not to eat the fruit of such an ill-harvest; consider the state of this world, and consider those that wish for “peace” and you shall see what I mean if you care to reason).

Reason and morality, seem to have been presented as though they had no relation to one another. To some, the Moral Man could be an irrational fool who is “kind” and “unselfish.” They do not relate this man’s mind (his conceptual faculty), to his morality. Apparently (to some) the existence of reason and of morality, only coincides in moments of happenstance. The joys and the wonders of this World, and indeed the beauty of life itself are held within the hands of the Rational Man. The imposition of War, the plaques born from an unchained Nature that overcome men, can only be conquered by Rational Man. Logic is the sword of Humanity.

The moral man in his proper sense is the rational man. He, who enters the realm of the irrational deviates from the realm of reason; and therefore in the converse, he who enters the kingdom of reason then enters the realm of the moral. The moral man is the rational man. The rational use of drugs is then a moral justification for such use. The man, escaping reality by poisoning his mind with a substance is not rational and therefore is immoral. But, drugs themselves do not impart an intrinsic sense of morality; that is to say, a drug is impartial. It is a man’s use of such a substance, that then serves to name the man, not the drug, as being moral or not; rational or not. There is quite a difference, if one cares to reason, between a man using a substance in order to perform at a higher level (and taking this substance in an amount not detrimental to his overall health), and a man drowning himself in his indulgence in order to escape the throes of this World.

On one hand, one man moves toward progression (and progression is indeed, the crux of rational human existence), and on the other hand another man regresses to the primitive state of an Evolutionary regressed beast. To properly judge the moral use of a drug, one must consider the user, the substance, the effect that this substance will impart, the reason for this person in using this substance, the overall effect upon this person’s health, and the overall benefits upon this persons goals (be they rational).

Therefore a man using a moderate cycle of Steroids in order to perform (in any given activity) at a higher level, without using such a substance in a manner of overall detriment to his health cannot be considered the moral (rational) equivalent of a dreg injecting heroin in order to escape reality to make his miserable subhuman existence more tolerable. One man is the rational standard of human ambitions, the other, a fiend spawned from a gene pool that is running dry.

Veils of Mystique

“…what they pose as ‘mysteries’, would not remain so if those that wonder would choose to think…”

What lies in the realm of mystery lies beyond the realm of rational comprehension. With this, we bear the mention of the dangers of “drugs” as though the mere use of that word should be taken at face value, without logical incision (as though a mere word, is an adequate substitution for a rational explanation). Like a Communist who merely thought that hurling the appellation of “Bourgeoisie” at someone was enough to incriminate their target, we live in a society that uses the words such as “drug” without rational explanation. Words convey convictions and explanations; they do not replace them.

We cannot understand that which we can not logically comprehend (and investigate); so, if the mere mention of the word “drug” is enough to connote wrongdoing (and harm), then it should not be a surprise that the intrinsic benefits of certain drugs are entirely misunderstood, and that a false sense of morality is put forth in opposition to the use of “drugs”. Ask such “Activists,” what is wrong with using “drugs,” and you will see the emptiness of their thoughts. The consummate Revolutionaries; all pomp and no substance. The grandness of words without the power of conceptual thought. Such is a society, which separates the use of words from their relation to reality.

How powerful is mystique, to such an extent that it hinders rational inquiry into the true nature of that which hinds behind the veil. To this day, the greatest “minds” seek to uncover the mysteries of Egypt: their Gods, their customs, and the antiquated fortifications to such irrational beliefs. If one’s neighbor were to build a monument to their chosen “God” in their backyard and habitually participate in ceremonies of gratuitous worship, they would rightfully be regarded as a lunatic. Three-thousand years from now, if the runes remained of your neighbor’s ceremonial altar this would be regarded as a “mystery,” Mankind’s present ignorance of reality becomes the provocative “mystery” of the future.

As long as one cannot logically assert their ideas, pro or con, within objective arguments, our ideas will lay behind logical understanding. An argument is not made, when one merely mentions that something is a “drug,” is “natural”, is “safe”, is “dangerous”, and other words that do not rationally define the context of your arguments. Define your contexts when you speak, or speak not at all. Mystery is nothing more than the lack of objective understanding.

It is often said, that the Devil’s greatest trick is to fool men into believing that He does not exist. The greatest trick of a Demagogue is to put the objective understanding of an issue (drugs, peace, equality, etc,), beyond rational inquiry and into the realm of mystery so that the pre-conceived notions that surround such issues are taken at face value, without question. Blind repetition is incremental destruction. The further the repetition, the further Humanity is destroyed by such blind notions and false “Moral” impositions.

The Linguistic Axe

“there is one word in our lexicon of use, that is capable of devastating an argument and destroying a man, by mere mention of it……”

… and that word is “Why.” “Why” is the linguistic axe that serves to show the greater, or lesser extent of someone’s reasoning. To speak with emotion is to speak without reason. For every “Is” there is a “Why”.

Hollow winds flow from the mouths of those that speak with smoke and not with Reason. Many Philosophers have mused as to how the problems of this World could be attributed to the indigestion of man, and how the rumbling in his belly disrupts the cogency of his thoughts. However the indigestion that we may speak of is not one of rotting particles of food upsetting the balance of the mind, but rather the rotting of undigested notions that putrefy in the minds of men. If we were to seek the agitator that so caused the rumblings in the Belly of the Beast, we would see that it was “Repetition.”

Whether we speak of “tradition,” “convention,” and other such notions that speak not of reason but of indigestion, we speak of repetition. Our Politics, our Economics, our World, and indeed the minds of Men have come times forth from repetitive pre-conceived notions rather than the Moral process of Reasoning. Thus, we hear of the supposed dichotomy of “natural” versus “enhanced,” and in such terms this is put before our ears to divide the moral from the immoral (and hence the rational from the irrational). But to ask the question of “why,” would put such an “understanding” into the open air as we see the smoke dissipate. The stomach of Mankind rumbles with the rot of undigested notions. In an Epistemological sense, repetition is the equivalent of indigestion.

What is “unnatural”? Those things that are not needed by the body? But I ask then, why it is immoral to still use such things assuming that they do indeed impart a benefit if used properly? Or those things that are needed by the body, but not from exogenous sources? But again, I would ask why this is irrational in such regards of use?

The moral is the rational, and thus, one can not speak of immorality unless they speak of the irrational. And if one asserts the dangers of “abuse” then I shall retort by saying that the man in question is immoral, and not the drug. The same drug used by a Rational mind, would be an issue of a different regard. Yet, you seek to categorically damn the use of “drugs.” How is it that your life is more “natural”? Do you seek to say that you “do not need a synthetic crutch”? But then why must such a drug be used as a “crutch”?

Again, the issue is one the manners of use, and not the use itself. But, there most certainly are drugs that do not impart a benefit upon a Moral (rational) existence, and such drugs serve no purpose beyond crippling man intellectually and physically. This is a Philosophical groundwork, and such an understanding of the philosophical matter will make the understanding of the concrete instances easier. If you cannot understand the issues of Philosophy that lay beneath the issues of Concretes, then your thoughts upon such matters carry no gravity. The power of a thought is the power of understanding. One does not build his Structures without a foundation, and in such regards a man should not dare to build an argument without a logical (philosophical) foundation. Philosophy is the groundwork of Life.

To be “Natural” is by no means to be “Moral.” And you shall so deceive yourself when you believe the use of drugs to be morally damning categorically, just as you will deceive yourself into believing that you are “moral” for your abstenance of “drugs.” Progress is the crux of Humanity, and you somehow fathom that your state of primitive simplicity is the essence of Morality when rather it is the antitheses of Reason.

So, we shall not speak of “natural” versus “synthetic,” as that indeed is irrelevant. The only issue of relevance it the action of the substance, and man’s use of it. And we shall not speak of “natural” versus “enhanced” as the only issue of Moral regard is whether or not the person is rational or not in their choices of substance, and how they implement such substances.
No longer shall we seek to speak of “drugs” or “natural” versus other “unnatural “ states. The issue will properly be one only of contexts. False dichotomies will crumble in the face of our understanding. Man achieves his Humanity to the greater or lesser extent toward which he progresses. Nature is yours to harness, and only strong arms can wield heavy swords.

Man seeks equality be damning others to their level of ignorance, and you would have us believe that your false sense of Morality is the standard of measurement against which all Mankind shall be weighed. Your morality cannot stand the incision of “Why,” since you do not know. You mistake the repetition of notions with the assertion of reason.

“Why” is the line of demarcation that serves to separate those that speak with reason from those that speak with smoke.

The Burning Wings of Icarus

“The power and the glory of the Sun cannot be met with wings of wax. Waxen wings melt in the face of this overpowering heat, and Man falls to this Earth in disgrace”

Matters of athletics are truly a unison of the mind and the body. To some, the substance of the mind (via science), and the substance of the body (via athletics) are not related. Nonsense. Achievement is the goal of a rational person, and high achievement presupposes intelligence in pursuit. One’s training methods and one’s use of substances is indicative of their mind. Thus, athletics are the synthesis (and the existential bridge) between the mind and the body. He who uses his mind in order to rationally choose his training methods and his use of substances, will conquer heights unknown to a man who blindly pursues the path of training, and haphazardly consumes his substances without rational contemplation.

Perhaps, if one were to look at athletics as an intellectual endeavor instead of a mere physical one, the general perception of the moral use of drugs would be far different. The Stoic Epictetus said that we are a ‘breath carrying a corpse’; to some, we are a “body” that just happens to carry a mind. To them, there is no relation. Achievement is intelligence. And thus, in the endeavors of athletics, one’s intelligence in training and supplementation is morally justified.

Marble is sculpted and formed by the hands of the Sculptor. A piece of malformed Marble stands before him, and he sets his mind upon the Form that will come to be with the imposition of his ideals. His hands are merely the intermediaries between his mind and his actions. He must choose his tools wisely, as a precise incision made with one tool will produce a different result as opposed to a haphazard stroke invoked by another one. And even if his tool is perfect in itself, he must use it wisely, with the use of reason. Maladroit hands wielding chisels will deform the structures that stand before them.

Our bodies are given to us from birth. From one to another, no man stands in equal proportion to another. From the training methods that he so chooses, to the supplements and drugs that he uses to a greater or less extent of Reason, man sculpts his body with the dictates of his mind.

For those drugs that make their effect know with the precise use by a Rational mind, we expect a certain result. That same drug used by a fool, will produce a result of a different regard. We will not blame the drug but we shall blame the man, just as we would blame an ass that took a wild swing at a piece of Marble in the name of “Art,” and not the tool itself.

Drugs are tools to be used by strong hands and rational minds; a mind of solid standing will use the tools before him to perfect his existence whereas a blind man will deform himself with the decrepit vision that he holds within his mind. Some tools are not proper, as their use is not subject to precision and thus they serve no purpose to a Moral man seeking to better himself. Some drugs are less forgiving than others and therefore require powerful minds to harness the power of the drug. There are those drugs, which serve not as proper tools as they serve not a proper (rational) existence. But it is not the category of drugs that should be damned, but rather the men who use such things. Whether our goals are of a physical nature and thus, an athletic one, or our goals are to enhance our general existence via the substance of our minds, drugs are the tools for progress to those that choose them accordingly, and then implement them wisely. To those malformed minds that seek to poison themselves, drugs are the tools of destruction wielded by the hands of a Sculptor that destroys the Marble put before him.

Our goals in this life must be met with equal force. A goal more grand will require an effort of greater proportion than a goal less ambitious. To those that wish to reach the Sun with waxen wings, you will fall short of the Ideal that you set before yourself, and your wings will burn with the disgrace of your spurious understanding of the World. The conquest of the glorious Sun will only be met by those that fly with wings of steel.

Some strive to achieve more than those set before them, and some damn themselves to fall to this Earth in the arms of disgrace. Those that fly with the wings of Icarus burn before our eyes in their conquest of Penance.

The Ashen Empire

“…and what was once a mystery, now lies before all to see. Let fall your Kingdom, let others see the ruins of your spurious Empire, let the new understanding come now upon us.”

To you, Derelict, you pathetic dreg of humanity that spends his time huddled in a corner seeking to escape reality by drowning himself in his indulgence: you may hide in the corners of your room, you may dwell in the corners of this Earth with your friends seeking an escape from existence, and therefore escaping and abandoning the title of a rational human being. Your existence is not justified and as such it is not the drug that I condemn, rather, it is you. You seek your stand as your Wings burn in opposition to the fiery storms of Evolution.

To you, Moral Activist, that seeks to put the reality of this world beyond rational comprehension and speaks with only the power of words and not with the power of ideas: You convince no one, save the fools who are moved by the “power” and the “glory” of your words, but can not be swayed by the power and the glory of understanding since it is not in your possession. You speak of the “evils” of drugs, and the immorality of it’s use, yet you can not (properly) define morality and you as well are often the epitome of the slothful fiend that abnegates the realm of morality by being (intellectually) stagnant in their lives. As a friend put it to me, the issue is one of “cogitation,” versus “regurgitation.”

You seek to repeat spurious notions, yet you cannot justify such beliefs (since you have never contemplated them). You mistake the unwavering repetition of notions with the ceaseless assertion of Reason. Man spiritually defiles himself when he abandons Logic (the mark of a proper Man); your mouths are more corrupt than any whore’s genitals.

To those among us that understand the true meaning of this life, and understand the power of human ambitions that drive us in our pursuit of higher goals, we can now see with clarity as to how our existence and use of such substances is justified, not only in a practical sense, but more importantly in a philosophical and a moral sense. Reason comes upon us, and we now see that human existence is progress and that the moral man is the rational man. What we use within a rational context to achieve such goals that we put before ourselves, is then justified morally. One man seeking to better himself in his endeavors is not the same as a man poisoning himself in his indulgence. But, some wish not to accept such a difference. As it was once said, “ To a blind man: a piece of gold, a piece of coal, and a piece of excrement look all the same.”

Let those among us that seek progress with the dictates of our mind understand how our existence and our use of the tools before us are morally justified; let those before us that deform themselves with the corrupt infestations of their mind burn with the wings of disgrace.

Authors Note: With great gratitude, I wish to thank my friend, Jordan Jethwa, who saw this article through several drafts, and whose kind words and incisive recommendations made this come to a head during hard times. I am in your debt.

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