The Wild West: Anabolic Steroids and the 1980's

Holy Shit! Everyone is Juicing

When I arrived at school I did so with what I considered my ace in the hole. I had my little secret to success that only the guys in my gym knew about or so I thought. Wow,  was I wrong. It seemed that literally every single guy showed tell tale signs of steroid use. They were big, they were strong and many were plain mean. There was lots of backne (back acne), early male pattern baldness, and a host of bad behaviors. In my first full pads practice, I ran down our all league nose tackle. He got ripped by the coaches pretty bad. He was pissed off in a big way. On my next carry, he buried me for a loss. He basically did a push up off my head, spit straight in my face and said “welcome to college you fucking pussy.” I was completely disgusted because not only was my face covered in this red necks spit, he was also a big tobacco chewer and his breath just stunk. He hated me from that day forward. Numerous times we almost traded blows, but I just wrote it off as him just hating that he was an ugly man. People think everyone is friends on a football team. What a joke! The defense generally dislikes the offense to some degree, and vice-versa. I asked some one what Smiths (name changed) problem was? He said too much juice! So I wasn’t alone. I later learned that 70% of guys were “on.”

Where are all the Steroids Coming From?

Back home I only knew that Doctor Tizzo gave out steroids. I had heard rumors that certain guys sold the stuff, but you just didn’t go asking some 240 pound guy who looks like his head would explode at any moment. Things were much different back in the 80’s. You racked your weights, you were courteous to others or you likely got your ass kicked and weren’t welcome back in the gym. So many of these “selfie taking little turds” of today would have gotten a beating tossed their way. I miss those days. But I digress. You spend time on a college campus and you start to hear things. Like the old saying goes “loose lips sink ships.” Trust me, no truer words have ever been spoken. There is no such thing as a well kept secret. I did start to learn about two guys who were “steroid dealers.” One played on the team and the other guy lived off campus. Getting anything from a teammate seemed like a really bad idea, so I hooked up with Mack later that year. You don’t just go in guns a blazing and asking to get hooked up, you had to develop that trust before you were in the “Mack circle of trust.” He was one crazy son of a bitch. His father was a wealthy guy and he was forever flying to Key West to go deep sea fishing. The guy was perpetually tan in a town where it was cold 9 months a year. I remember one time at one of his parties 3 girls walked in and Mack said ” You’re looking a little peeked honey.” to which she replied ” what do I look like a zero?” Mack said “no, you look like a one surrounded by a couple of zeros.” She tried to save face by saying “well, we can’t all be daddy’s little rich kid.” Mack said “Easy girl, I tell you what, I will sell my truck and buy your family a trailer park.” She just slinked away. He was a larger than life little dude. He was 5’6″ 190 pounds with curly blond hair and a ton of attitude. We had a lot of wild nights.

The Dresser Drawer: A Cornucopia Of Anabolic Steroids

Once Mack was comfortable with me, he showed me his one dresser in his bedroom. Literally every drawer was jammed full of different steroids. I had never seen anything like it. There was stuff from all over the world Australia, Greece, Mexico, Germany, and other places. He had Finajet, Primabolan Acetate, Sustanon pre-loads, Sten, Dianiabol, Syntex Anadrol 50, Winthrop Winstrol in 50 cc bottles. Drive, Bolasterone, Testosterone Cypionate, Nolvadex, etc. The list could go on and on. It was just amazing to be honest. It was like christmas to any bodybuilder looking to make gains. I used to get 10 cc bottles of Steris Testosterone Cypionate  for $12! Thats real USA Pharm grade anabolic steroids. A 50 cc bottle of Finajet was $75. Parabolan was expensive at $9 for 3 amps made in France by Negma. I used to get other guys to buy stuff, and make enough to cover my own use. It was a great situation to be in in 1986-1988. Things were good, very very good. A few years down the line that would all change when Ben Johnson got popped in Seoul and now everybody was buzzing about anabolic steroids and how they kill people. We all just laughed at how naive the public really was. Steroids had been around since the 1940’s when Adolf Hitler used to give them to his troops to heighten aggression. Now our little secret was exposed. Nobody knew how this would change the landscape of things. we would later find out it was going to be life altering for some. In my next installment, we will talk about some wild over the top behavior and one of my personal favorites, Garoid!



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