The State of Fitness In 2015: A look at the Fitness Industry

The State Of Fitness In 2015

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years. I have been involved as a trainer and diet coach for 20 plus years as my full time profession. I have seen every fad, every nuance, every damn near cultish discipline that has evolved. There have been some very good changes such as the evolution of the supplement market and some awful things such as the piracy of this industry by major corporations that could care less about fitness other than to separate the consumers from their hard earned money. They are literally swooping in and killing the very people who created and pushed this industry through its infancy into the multi-billion dollar industry that it is now. I hate all these fly by night organizations who just are soulless selling machines. Planet Fitness is one such operation that I abhor. They sell people on the fact that all these other fit bodied people are judging the average consumer. I have been a high level body builder for a long time and to be honest, I applaud those with lesser goals than myself. As a trainer, I love seeing people get active. It makes my heart warm. So when I see an organization that calls themselves the judgement free zone, yet judges everyone who they deem too pretty or too fit, its like the revenge of the nerds. They practically call every person with an ounce of muscle a lunkhead. I have an IQ tested at 148. I am far from a lunkhead. It is mean spirited, wrong, and childish to demean others to sell a product or service. That would be like me walking around and calling everyone who isn’t like a fat piece of shit!. I care about people os I do not judge them. Any organization that promotes fitness yet leaves candy on the front desk and has pizza day is not an organization that gives to shits about fitness, just your money. Needless to say, they get my TURD OF THE YEAR AWARD.

The Good And Bad Parts Of The State Fitness In 2015

The many good things I have seen are excellent supplements and the drive to continue to make supplements much higher grade. The protein industry is shaky at best due to Pepsi and other large corporations cornering the the protein market. There are those damn faceless greedy Goliath’s screwing everyone else lower on the food chain due their massive buying power. The pretty much put the price of protein up 2 fold. I only trust 2 companies currently making protein, True Nutrition and Dante Trudel and Species and Dave Palumbo. Most other manufacturers spike their proteins . Here is a little article from Forbes Magazine. . It is truly sad that these companies put their bottom line ahead of the consumers well being. Thats why we are very rigid about our standards at Liquid Labs, LG Sciences, and AMS. We stand by GMP’s(Good Manufacturing Practices) and follow strict SOP’s(Standard Operating Procedures). The innovation in the supplement industry is amazing save the few snake oil salesmen who give us all a black eye. We have gotten so good at helping people achieve better health without pharmaceuticals that we woke the sleeping Giant who is Big Pharma and they are trying very hard to get their powerful lobby to crush this industry. They do so because as educated consumers, many who care for their health could care less what their MD says. Most of these guys spent their career slamming vitamins and minerals when they don’t know shit about health and nutrition. I don’t want some fat ass, chain smoking, vending machine fed turd giving me advice on how to be healthy. Sorry, that isn’t all physicians, but at least 50%. Thats why I drive 4.5 hours to a doctor who I know understands what a high level athlete needs. I don’t need Dr. Manboobs giving me advice on how to eat. Last I checked, I am the Dietitian, which means I am the authority on nutrition in the healthcare field. Please stay aware of the lobbyists and legislators who are trying daily to take away your freedoms.

Exercise: The Good, The Bad, and Ugly Of The State Of Fitness In 2015

I like anyone doing any activity. It makes me happy to see people take care of themselves. When I go to a grocery store and see 5-6 people who are grossly overweight rolling around on Rascal Scooters, I get a little perturbed. I am pretty sure some people really need them and some are just so fat they don’t like lugging that big ass around the store. So they wheel from aisle to aisle filling their cart full of frozen pizzas and other crap. To make matters worse, many of these people are on government assistance. If you are receiving government assistance, you should be forced to eat food that isn’t going to cause you to be more of a burden later when you eat your way into Type 2 Diabetes and later go on dialysis at the tune of $9,000/week. Sorry, at that point, WE THE PEOPLE deserve a better return on our investment into you the receiver of our charity. Welfare is an hand up, not a lifetime handout and lifestyle. I love when I see people of all walks of life and and socioeconomic strata in the gym. Age, color, religion, gender, sexual proclivity all fall to the wayside when all these people are striving for a common goal; being the best they can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There are many different ways to train. You have class junkies, powerlifters, bodybuilders, Cross Fitters, athletes, Yogi’s, and just normal people all working hard to improve themselves and hit their goals. Don’t gloat because you have a 6 pack ab wall. Some people aren’t interested in that, they just want to remain healthy by their own standards. Do it’s an awesome thing to watch all these people up and moving, taking control, becoming the captain of their own ship so to speak. That is the State of Fitness In 2015.

The State Of Fitness In 2015: Beyond 2015

Hopefully more people will stay involved in fitness. It’s easy to fall off for some people. I call it the story of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoises always win. Slow and steady is how you achieve and maintain health. We need to revamp our ideas of what constitutes a healthy diet. Obviously with the rise in obesity worldwide, something is amiss. I would love to see less people less dependent on pharmaceuticals and more reliant on natural herbs and supplements. The only way that will happen is to have people take accountability for their own lives and rely less on our government. Join your LOCAL GYM, not the corporate conglomerate who cares about not you but rather what is in your wallet. Think local, think small business. Think Main Street, not Wall Street. By products and services from people who develop such things within driving distance of your home. Obviously, national brands are going to be a different story. Whatever training style you do, don’t worry about measuring it against other things, just go do it. Contrary to many cultish organizations who claim to be the “best system”, there is no such thing. It is what system works best for you. Probably not a great idea for an 80 year old grandma to do crossfit. As Nike has famously said, “JUST DO IT.” Thats is the State Of Fitness 2015!”

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