The Olympians Before and After Pics Part 4 Mind & Muscle

The Olympians Before and After Pics – Part 4 By Todd Lee M.D.

Continued from part 3


Here we have Kevin Levrone. Like Flex Wheeler he was in the shadow of the Shadow.  Never won the Olympia because he couldn’t beat Dorian.  personaly i think this “Before and after steroids” picture is unfair.  He was a teenager on the left and a full grown man battling for the Olympia on the right. The minimal amoutn of receding hair and minimal nose and chin broadening are the normal amount for aging. His midsection was well under control as well.  Kevin got his gains through brutal hard work and should receive credit. With 500 pound bench press sets for reps and 100 pound dumbell curls he was literally 2 times stronger than I am now.  That’s why he was an Olympian; he’s awesome. Hard work and genes create greatness when combined to say the transformation was 100% due to steroids is bullshit.  Although he likely used GH its not obvious.




In contrast we have Jay Cutler.  As a teenager, prior to ever lifting weights he looked amazing.  Full head of hair and a tiny waist with an amazing V taper.

20 years later regaining his crown as King of Kings and we see some dramatic changes. His waist is about 10 inches bigger and some dramatic hair loss. I think that’s normal hair loss for his age, but the waist widening to grow more mass has destroyed his symmetry and aesthetics.  After this picture he changed his image to a much better look, decreasing his waist size and by his own admission for the first time in a long time he likes how he looks. The IFBB judges didnt however and he placed out of the top 5 at this years Olympia however.



Branch Warren however is a whole nother animal.  This is probably the first person in a generation to give Dorian a run for his money in mass to height ratio and muscle to fat ratio.  Simply put, No one on earth is as shredded and massive at 5’5″ tall.  The price for the changes were facial changes hair loss and waist widening. Teenage National Champion to 2nd place in the Olympia in 11 years, I have to reiterate how other worldly his Legs and detail are.  Now it wasn’t all Drugs that’s for sure. His workouts are literally insane.  100 reps with over 1000 pounds on the leg press in 100 degree weather and no air conditioning.

Like Flex Wheeler’s genetics, Branch Warren’s willpower is legendary and has never been seen before.  After tearing his quad off the bone he came back the next year to win the Arnold classic.




Dexter Jackson also lost his hair and grew a waist on his quest to become Mr. Olympia. And he succeeded.  At 5’4″ he was one of 3 short Mr. Olympias.  He worked his way up from 143 class to win the Olympia at 208 in 2008,  defeating men who had him beat by 50 pounds




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