The Olympians Before and After Pics - Part 3

The Olympians Before and After Pics – Part 

Continued from part 2

As I type this an angry mob is besieging my office. I dare throw doubt and scorn upon the luminaries of our grand hall of heroes, but alas I do it for the mobs benefit. I don’t wish to tear down with criticism the advancements and achievements of our predecessors. My goal is merely to bring to light what may be done to forestall the inevitable ruination of a great physique crafted with love and discipline.   

Sorry, I wax poetic.  What I mean to say is I’m risking being lynched talking about the most cherished members of the sport of bodybuilding in a critical light so that you might make the best decisions with the information I give you.  These are just my opinions after all, what do I know?


flex-wheelerbeforeandafter Here we have Flex Wheeler.   Flex is considered one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.  As you can see there was quite the dramatic change as he moved up the weight classes to be consistently in the top 5 at the Olympia.  He was one of a handful of men that are some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time who never won the Olympia.  All because Dorian was so massive. The after pic here was a later period shot, after he peaked in my opinion.  When he and many others were trying to keep up with Dorian is when their aesthetics took a back seat to winning.  First I want to point out the loss of hair.  I can’t count the number of times women have told me that hair is hotter than muscles.  You may not care if women think your hot, thats great! Some men do however so I am merely pointing out the consequences for Flex of his use of anabolics to become a legend.  I personally think hair loss for permanent indoctrination to the IFBB hall of fame is a great trade, but not everyone who makes sacrifices reaps the reward.  Flex’s midsection did get bigger, but it looks better, not distended from GH.  and it seems like his face has made some changes from the use of GH.   


Achieving this look has been the hopes and dreams of countless bodybuilders. The tiny joints and slight bone structure with very full muscle bellies has not been achieved again since our reigning king of kings: Phil Heath


Phil Heath is a modern day Flex Wheeler. Small frame, full muscle bellies.  Notice the same hair loss and broadening of the facial features?  The biggest difference is the midsection. I see some changes indicative abdominal distention. Basically although Phil is larger than Flex the midsection isn’t as good.  I know its treason and heresy to critique the reigning Mr. Olympia, but I am merely pointing out the side effects of the abuse of GH so you the reader don’t do it.  I have no concrete data on Phil’s cycle so its all conjecture based on what Im looking at.

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Continued on part 4!


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