The Olympians Before and After Pics - Part 2

The Olympians Before and After Pics – Part 2

Continued from part 1

In part one I gave Tom Platz as an example of how to make all the progress and self empowerment bodybuilding can offer and dodge any and all clasic disfigurements in the process.


In contrast to Tom Platz I would like to examine the transformation of Dorian Yates.  First I want to mention I idolize Dorian and who the hell am I to critique a 6 time Mr. Olympia champion?  But the contrast is critical and I have to do it, may Dorian have mercy on my soul.  The reign of Dorian is In my opinion, when the sport changed for the worse.  Soon after he ascended to the throne on Mt. Olympus the other gods had no choice to abandon asthetics and symmetry in favor of freakish mass and conditioning to keep up with Dorian,  next to him the others were virutaly invisible.  In the shadow of “the Shadow” were some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time: Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, Lee Priest,  the list goes on and on.  Why did Dorian change the game?  Two reasons.  One, he introduced rest. Prior to Dorian more was better in regards to training.  But Dorian emphasized the idea of 1 work set beyond, beyond failure and only 4 or 5 workouts a week at 45 minutes each.  He claimed insanely low doses of steroids and only walked his dog for cardio.   His methods were based om Mike menzer and science not popular oppinion and the status quo.  He was a pioneer and a rebel in his quest for the driest physique possible.  As you can see he has his hair, so so he didnt use enourmous amounts of drugs, then how did he change the game? Growth Hormone (GH).

Notice the fact his whole body is just larger? That the addition of mass did not change his balance and symmetry? His waist was as small as his arms and legs before? And when that after picture was taken one of his largest body parts was his waist?  This is a complicated subject with a handful of theories but here is the long and short of it: Platz increased his legs significantly more than the rest of him.  He had an x frame.  When someone relies on steroids and growth hormone and uses minimal training the result is the drugs grow everything and there is little artistry to the physique.  When the judges reward this with a first place victory, then the sport is forever changed and now its a mass and conditioning competition, not about who has the BEST BODY.  In 2011 the Mens Physique division was started to allow for people who were more focused on symmetry and aesthetics to compete.  The alarming growth of that and bikini seem to indicate that more people are impressed with a pleasing physique than a freakish physique.  Dorian himself prefers to have a more moderate appearance now than that which he carried at 300 pounds.

The moral of the story is that Growth Hormone has more of a disfiguring effect when abused than steroids do.  Perhaps the use not abuse of steroids and growth hormone may have a more favorable outcome.  To get all the benefits of GH without the side effects a GHRP analog should be used like Ghenerate, and to get the safest androgen receptor stimulation with the least side effects try 1 -Androstenolone.

Continued in part 3!


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