The Olympians Before and After Pics - Part 1 Mind & Muscle

The Olympians Before and After Pics By .

I was shocked and dismayed to find this site on the internet that shows a picture of the Olympians Before and After Pics and one of the hall of fame athletes of the Bodybuilding world as a teenager, then shows them at the peak of their bodybuilding career and incorrectly attributes 100% of the changes to steroids.

The average out of shape american thinks that if you use steroids, overnight you turn into something between a monster and a god. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The truth is steroids are more like an opportunity to work harder.  Hard work and nutrition will get you to your genetic maximum, then you can add steroids or the safer pro hormones to get some more advancement.

I will address each “before and after” picture and give my professional OPINION as to what changes are due to age, hard work, and drugs. I will also include what I think may have been an alternative method to get better results as most of these after pictures are decades old and we have better options available now.  These men are the pioneers of the sport, sacrificing their health, youth, and looks to entertain you and provide you with case studies of what to do and what not to do. Please have respect for them and the sacrifices they made in the name of science and trans-humanism.  Let the apotheosis begin!


Tom Platz

Tom Platz

I would like to begin my discussion with an excellent example; classic 70s style Tom Platz.  Tom is a legend as he is the pioneer of leg development. Prior to Tom legs were not that large of a priority in bodybuilding.  As you can see there was FAR GREATER change to his legs than the rest of him. This indicates that he worked harder on his legs to turn them from his weak point to one of the best pairs of legs the world has ever known.  If this transformation was due to steroids alone his body would have the same proportions and ratios, but Tom went from top heavy to the become the first bottom heavy bodybuilder.

Next I want to point out his waist. Yes it is larger, but it is proportionate with his leg development. Tom was the godfather of squat mastery. As such his core is loaded with the same weight as his legs and despite his core isometrically contracting it will still grow.  The rectus abdominus or “6 pack” is still intact and not split up the middle. So despite squatting 500 pounds for 20 reps he did not “blow his mids out”.  

His face looks pretty much the same although 20 years older or so.  As men age the nose and ears continue to grow slowly as DHT acts on erectile tissue. The jaw may also get broader and chin as well.  The easiest was to see the changes androgens make to a face is to look at before and after pics of female bodybuilders, then you can see the masculinizing effects of steroids. In Tom’s case I don’t see any major changes, and he still has his hair.  Hair loss is due to genes for hair loss from your maternal grandfather.  A mountain of steroids can cause hair loss in anyone, but in some men no steroids at all and they will lose their hair as they age.  Its just the continued effects of masculization as you age.  In his case he must not have had those genes as he still has his blond mane now at 60+ years old.  

So to me, this is a perfect example of how to do it right.  He looks like a god without deforming his face, blowing out his midsection and losing his hair.  I’m not a woman, but I figure he is a pretty good looking guy in his after picture. 

To replicate this look stay away from GH and stick to a GHRP analog like Ghenerate, and avoid strongly androgenic steroids that might cause hair loss like anadrol and halotestin and stick to dry but non dht converting prohormones like 1 – Andro.  

Continued in part 2!

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