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Superdiol sucks in our opinion

Superdiol sucks in our opinion

In the world of “andro” supplements, there are always “clone” companies that come out and try to take up sales of things that have been pulled off of the market by the FDA.   Halodrol or H-Drol or 4-Chloro-androsta-1,4-diene-3b,17b-dione are all used to refer to a compound originally brought out by Gaspari Nutrition under the trade name “Halodrol 50” which actually didn’t contain what the label claimed.  It actually contained a VERY healthy dose of DMT, the underground steroid thought to be originally brought to the black market by Patrick Arnold “allegedly” to help Olympians cheat and brought to market as “Pheraplex” by ALR Industries.

Sadly for people who want to use this prohormone there is a reason that it was probably “spiked” by Gaspari (although Don Caitlin reported on it being spiked, no one really knew if the spiking was intentional or unintentional).  H-Drol is a weak prohormone that just doesn’t have the positive effects to justify the liver toxicity and cardiovascular stress.  To underscore my position, here is a quote from a real log on H-Drol:

“1st Week – I didn’t notice anything in the first week, taking my first 25mg in the morning and the other dose 12 hours later. I had a mental placebo effect that I was taking a Prohormone and thus I was pushing harder in the gym. I had no side effects at this point either.”

Sure, he didn’t experience any “side effects” because the liver doesn’t experience pain.  Thus this young man could believe that this compound is mild and go out drinking and end up in the hospital.

It Was Never A Good Prohormone

Perhaps that’s why there was 25mg of DMT (now illegal) in each tablet when it was launched. Case in point, here is the same young fellow’s report on H-Drol and how he felt after 3 weeks of 75mg of a very potent chemically altered steroid

“3rd Week – This is where I started to get the feeling I was on something. The lethargy really started kicking my butt this week though. I hated the fact that I couldn’t use a PWO to obtain energy to get through a good workout”

Doesn’t sound like H-Drol is really worth the risk of hurting yourself and ruining the industry.  He didn’t feel anything until week 3!  That is poor performance when you consider the risk and the damage that HDrol is doing to the industry.

CLICK FOR: H-DRL The Closest Legal Prohormone To Halodrol 50

HDRL_Comparison To Halodrol


We believe Halodrol 50 is illegal to sell thus we sell the closest legal prohormone available to Halodrol. It has many of the benefits of Halodrol 50 without the side effects like liver damage.

Latest H-Drol Clones

There are many H-Drol clones on the market that contain Halodrol plus a few other chemically altered steroids.  You can still find this compound being sold illegally but it isn’t worth it when legal prohormones offer the same benefits without the liver toxicity and cardiovascular harm that is caused by these illegal chemically altered steroids.

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