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Updated for 2018

Legal prohormones are still available, but hard to find. In a world where SARMs dominate and compete with legal dietary supplements and underground steroids are still available, it is possible to find legal prohormones with little to no side effects.  What we have discovered is that prohormones can have some slight effect on the liver enzymes and also lipid levels, which means that it’s most important to take prohormones with a good fish oil supplement to combat and lipid issues and 600mg of N-Acetyl-Cystine to combat liver side effects.  SARM’s are chemicals that act like steroids in the body and yet have some of the same side effects such as liver stress, lipid alterations and testicular shut down.  The era of SARM’s is over but they can still be found on some grey-market sites.

Prohormones are reasonably safe when used by men over 21 who have a proper diet and exercise program and can also be found legally on the internet from Hi-Tech and other quality manufacturers. It’s best to understand that all prohormone products may have side effects, but they are reasonably safe when used by men over 21 who are in good health and are aware of the pitfalls. Hopefully this article can shed some light on the effects and side effects of legal prohormones.

Andro prohormones are at the top of the chain when it comes to legal prohormone supplements.  Nothing else can give you the gains in size and strength along with the mental fierceness that you need to conquer the gym like prohormones.

Of course you need to have a good diet and exercise plan before you use prohomones because there is no supplement in the world that will give you the benefits you want without a good diet and exercise plan.  There are a bunch here on Mind and Muscle that you can use and there are also articles that help you reach your goals by altering your exercise plan.

The world of prohormones has changed a lot since the DSHEA compliance law and the result of those changes are many. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about today’s prohormones and the effects and side effects they have on the body. We are going to address those misconceptions and put to rest many of the myths surrounding prohormone use and prohormone effects today.

First off, prohormones are safer than ever. Let us explain.

Once prohormones enter your body they are processed by the liver just like any other food or substance you consume. Because prohormones become actual hormones/steroids once converted in the body, anytime a person takes them you have to use common sense. That said today’s prohormones are safer than they have ever been. Why? First and foremost they are no longer methylated, hence they are no longer hepatoxic, meaning they don’t have the higher risk of damage to the liver that they used to.

This single change to prohormones alone has radically shifted their side effects profile and made them much safer.
A common question we hear floating around still is “are prohormones actually steroids?” Here is the scoop on this just to recap what was said above. Once prohormones are ingested and processed by the liver and go through any other necessary biological processes they do become active hormones/steroids in your body.

Some would rant at this point that you are no longer a “natural lifter” at which we would say that there is nothing “natural” about the bodybuilding lifestyle compared to the rest of society. Maybe we should define “natural” first. There is nothing natural about consuming 15 chicken breasts in one day, eating 3 every 3 hours like clockwork. It is not “natural” to consume protein and creatine in the form of shakes to the tune of 3 times the amounts or more than the average person. You get the point, moving on now…

The desired effects of prohormone use

Now to address the next big question we hear a lot: what are the effects I can expect while on a cycle of prohormones? The effects of prohormones are many and do vary somewhat from person to person just as the results vary from person to person. Here are the most common desired effects you can expect in general while using prohormones:

1. Increased strength
2. Increased drive and focus in life and in the gym
3. Increased sex drive
4. More rapid, sometimes very rapid, increases in muscle mass and weight gain when combined with proper diet and exercise

The side effects of prohormone use

Next up on the questions roster: what are some of the side effects I can expect while on a cycle of prohormones? Because prohormones DO have an effect on your hormones, hormone levels and biochemistry there are possible side effects just like any supplement, hormonal or non-hormonal can have, especially when said supplement is impacting your hormones and biochemistry in any way! Those most common side effects that you MAY encounter while using prohormones are:

  1. Liver Stress – the liver can certainly be impacted with chemically altered prohormones but even natural prohormones have the ability to temporarily impact the liver.
  2. Hair Loss – people that have the propensity to lose their hair can have this effect increased with prohormone use. Typically EpiAndro and 1-Andro can cause this effect, but it is also common with “wet” prohormones that increase estrogen.
  3. Cardiovascular Health – prohormones can impact lipids like cholsesterol to a negative extent. Dry prohormones like 1-Andro can impact lipid levels, which means it’s best to take a good fish oil and krill oil supplement.
  4. Testicular Shutdown – when androgen levels are high, the body will shut down natural production temporarily. This may be a health benefit since short term shut down may increase the functional life of the testes but it’s good to take a recovery supplement like Rise and Swell, post cycle to increase natural production.


The after effects of prohormone use

The last of the common questions we hear a lot today is “do I need to worry about controlling estrogen both on cycle and post cycle for best results and fast recovery?” The short answer is, yes. Not only can you optimize your cycle by controlling estrogen you can also assist your natural testosterone production while on cycle, thereby limiting shut down, and compounding your results! Now on to the basics of controlling estrogen and supporting natural testosterone production.

Use of an AI

“AI” is the short form of aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase inhibitors interrupt or block entirely the synthesis of estrogen, which can keep the body’s testosterone/estrogen ratio levels in balance. They can also assist in keeping the body’s natural production of testosterone pumping even while on cycle which can minimize shut down.

Use of SERM’s

“SERM” stands for selective estrogen receptor modulators. SERMs are wonderful compounds that battle estrogen related side effects. They also help the user retain the muscle/weight gains they made while on the prohormone cycle. If you are prone to any type of estrogen related side effects, or are unsure, then you need to keep a SERM on hand at the very least. Again, this is true of you are using a prohormone like 1-Andro or a non-hormonal supplement like D-Aspartic Acid. Make sure you use the proper form of D-Aspartic Acid (Calcium or Sodium D-Aspartate)

PCT – Post Cycle Therapy

Remember, when you take prohormones, they become steroids in your body. This is adding exogenous (which means from outside the body) testosterone, 1-testosterone, nadrolone, etc. to your body. This can cause your body to produce less natural testosterone while on cycle. No big deal while “on”.

However, when you finish your prohormone cycle, you need to take the appropriate measures to help your body get back to baseline as quick as possible. Enter PCT, post cycle therapy. At the end of the cycle your testosterone to estrogen ratios are not what they need to be and this opens you up to potential unwanted side effects. If you do not effectively implement PCT you may experience breast tissue swelling or growth, a decrease in sex drive and a diminished mood for a limited period of time.

All this to say, there are MANY great options out there for natural, legal AI’s, SERMS, and testosterone boosters that work and work very well. No need to panic or worry.

We have many complete prohormone cycle packages that include post cycle therapy all in one easy to use kit. Visit our shop and check out our Basic Cut Stack or Basic Mass Stack to get started.

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