The Best Lower Back Exercises For Men - Mind And Muscle

To avoid having low back pain, we will outline the best lower back exercises for men in the following article. The best way to avoid low back pain is to stay active and exercise and maintain flexibility.


Low Back Pain Is An Epidemic

Why is it that so many men have low back pain in the United States and around the world? This issue has become almost epidemic in proportion. Lower back pain out paces nearly 300 other maladies when it comes to causing disability. Nearly one in ten people on the planet suffer from this affliction. Go a quick Google search and most sources will tell you that nearly 1/3 of all disability cases are low back pain related. Men are more prone to it than are women, but that could be solely due to men working in careers where they are put at risk for issues. So what is the root cause of all these issues? Is it work or is it lack of strength or a combination of both. There are several issues at play and part of it is flexibility and part of it is lack of strength. One of the biggest favors you can do yourself is to stay physically active all of your life. People ten to lose physical condition after they get out of college, and work full time. This begins the slippery slope downhill.

Stretching Is Key

Some of the groups of muscles that affect lower back pain are as follows. Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and quadratus lumborum. If any of these muscle groups get tight, they can affect the other groups and cause problems at the pelvis, and this can lead to back pain. Tight hamstrings cause posterior pelvic tilt and stress the lumbar region. Tight hip flexors cause anterior pelvic tilt and therefore cause pain in the lower back as well. Tight quadriceps usually go hand in hand with tight hip flexors. The quadratus lumborum can also cause lower back pain that radiates from the lower back into the glutes. It is tightness in all these groups that lead to most of the symptomology associated with low back pain. Here is a pretty good list of stretches to help out.

Low back Stretches

The Best Low Back Exercises For Men

To keep the lower back in good health after you maintain proper posture by stretching, the next order of business is strengthening both the lower back and abdominals. Multi-directional ab work is great working frontal, sagittal and transverse planes of movement. Once you do these, the next order of business if the lumbar region. One of my favorite movements for non-injured people is the deadlift. Of course done correctly and not risking injury to the back. These synchronously strengthen the entire rear chain from hamstrings to mid back. These are a great exercise all around. If the person is already injured, they may need to progress from a Mckenzie stretch to a superman exercise. After that, the person could move into tougher exercises until the lower back health returns.


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