Testosterone Propionate and Winstrol Legal Alternatives

Two of the best cutting steroids are Testosterone Propionate and Winstrol. The test prop forms your testosterone base which keeps your hormone level where you want for muscle preservation and sexual function, and the winstrol burns fat and makes you stronger so you can keep your muscle while cutting the calories.

These two illegal steroids are the tried and true classics from decades past. But now there are legal and needle free alternatives!

LG Sciences 17 Pro Andro17 Pro Andro + 1-Andro is the ideal prohormones to run a cutting cycle, It’s like taking testosterone and winstrol. The only difference is that it is even better! To really get the exact effect of mixing test and winstrol you can use 4-Andro and 17 Pro Andro. But, It will be wetter since 4-Andro converts to testosterone and 20% of testosterone is degraded to estrogen by the aromatase enzyme. This means more estrogen and a less effective cutting cycle. For this reason I suggest you use the 1-andro as its a dryer compound (no estrogen) and youll have a more successful cut cycle.

1-Andro does not convert to estrogen or DHT, so there are no side effects except possible shut down, 17 Pro-Andro does convert to DHT and not into testosterone or estrogen. This means with 1-Andro and 17 Pro Andro you get 2 prohormones that convert into a blend of 1-test and DHT, as dry as a cycle can get. Not a trace of estrogen.

We all know wet is great for bulking as the estrogen helps with growth (for more on that click here). But for cutting you don’t want any estrogen at all. The reason is because estrogen causes you to store fat and not burn fat, the opposite of what you want while cutting.

So to replace the illegal drugs testosterone prop and winstrol with legal safe prohormones, use 1-Andro and 17 Pro Andro!!!

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