Tessa Cantore

Tessa Cantore

This past weekend in Illinois, Tessa Cantore wonShe won Bikini A and the Overall Bikini title at the Pride of the Midwest Championships in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  We at Mind and Muscle are extremely proud of Tessa’s accomplishments. She is an amazing young lady with a very bright future. We love having her as part of our team at Mind and Muscle. If you want to learn more about Tessa and what she does, you can log onto www.mindandmuscle.com and check out her favorite supplement stack. Look up tessastack or use her code: bikini for a free girt with purchase of your order. Keep an eye out for this up and coming athlete.



Age: 20
Height: 5’1
Weight: 102
How many years I have been lifting? 2 years
What got you started? I was at a low point in my life where I was suffering from an eating disorder.  I decided I wanted to focus on bettering myself both physically and mentally.
Current training split? For prep, I usually do a half hour of fasted cardio five days a week.  I will also throw in another half hour post-workout for a couple weeks.  When it comes to training, I go two days on, one day off.  I always try to get in one heavy leg day and one light leg day within a weeks time.  I switch up body parts from single body part to double every three weeks.  Meaning, back is back day for a few weeks and then I will switch it to back and biceps. I don’t have scheduled body parts for certain days.  They usually rotate.  For my off season, my training schedule usually stays the same.  My cardio isn’t as intense but I make sure to get all of my workouts in.

Diet philosophy? For prep, I always carb cycle and accurately measure my food.  For my offseason I will use IIFYM.
Contest history: I always compete in the bikini A class.
2015 NPC Mid Illinois- 2nd place
2015 NPC Illinois State- 3rd place
2015 NPC Junior Nationals- 13th place
2015 Mike Matarazzo Memorial Classic- 2nd place
2015 NPC Pride of the Midwest- 1st in class, novice, and bikini overall
Future plans: I am going to continue to compete.  I am planning on competing at Jr. Nationals for 2016.  From now up until then, I will be improving and working on my physique.  I wish to someday compete on a pro level stage.  It is a huge goal of mine and for now I will be doing what I can to hopefully make that happen for me in the future.
Sponsors?  Mind and Muscle and Tiara Couture Bikinis

CIMG_9537ontact info-

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @tessacantore

Facebook: Tessa Cantore


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