Anabolic Steroid - Testosterone Cypionate

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Steroids: Testosterone Cypionate

The cypionate ester contains 8 carbons, which includes a 5 membered ring. This chain length and level of complexity makes it more difficult for the body to cleave the ester from testosterone. This makes for a slower release of testosterone from the injection depot. Because of this, testosterone cypionate is injected every 5-7 days to maintain an even level of testosterone in the body. Testosterone cypionate is one of the most popular esters of testosterone. As discussed in the section on nandrolone, people are tending to inject steroids more and more frequently so it is not uncommon for people to inject testosterone cypionate twice weekly as opposed to weekly. Cypionate is readily and cheaply available on the black market. People consider cypionate to be more likely to cause side effects than enanthate but as the half-lives are nearly identical and the parent compound (testosterone) is the same, it is unlikely that these esters behave different in terms of positive or negative effects. Water retention, high blood pressure, and acne are common with all of the testosterone esters and gynecomastia can develop as well depending on dose and frequency of injection. More frequent injections will increase the likelihood of side effects as the plasma levels of testosterone will be higher.


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