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To be your best, you need support and guidance.  The level of support you receive between high end coaching packages that can run $300-500 dollars per month and PDF workouts, which are ok for beginners means you had to sacrifice the fine tuning that people need to add size or cut body fat.  Sadly, many people can’t afford to have a coach to handle their diet and exercise fine tuning but are way past cookie cutter PDF workouts.  This is why we created Team Mind and Muscle – The Juggernauts.

Instead of paying a coach a crazy high fee to adjust your diet and exercise program and answer basic questions, we utilize a combination of team members and coaches to help make your experience way better than you could accomplish on your own.




Unlike “hourly” trainers who are only available during open hours— Team Juggernaut provides our members with proprietary Nutrition, Cardio & Workout plans, modified weekly based on your individual progress and goals.  You still get the personalized attention without the high price tag.

Workouts are different each day of the month and are modified as needed. Team Juggernaut women’s programs are designed specifically to sculpt the female body in to an hourglass shape with varying levels of muscularity based on personal preference. Team Juggernaut men’s training is designed to build high performance muscularity, with pleasing aesthetics, and healthy leanness of various degrees based on personal preference.

If you want to compete (which we encourage), we provide complete competition Guidance (we welcome first time competitors), Nutrition, Cardio & Workout plans to get you stage ready for one monthly price.

We also offer our members posing clinics, team workouts, custom apps, an extensive digital exercise Library (in progress), discounts on supplements, clothing & tanning (general & competition) and an extraordinary private Social Community where you can interact with both male and female team mates (currently over 100 across the globe).

Each member is assigned a full-time Team Juggernaut Coach to guide, encourage and answer questions. Our staff consists of full-time accredited experts and specialists in Fitness & Health Education, Nutrition, Personal Training— with a full complement of National, World and IFBB Pro Competitors.

Whether your goal is to become FIT —or— to Compete —“Team Juggernaut” is setting a standard of excellence in the industry.



image2431Team Juggernaut is a health and fitness company that was founded in 2009 by veteran fitness specialist Carl Jackson, M.A, C.S.C.S. Former Mr. Michigan, National Level competitor, college athlete with 23 years working in the fitness industry. In 2011, Mr. Jackson developed the Team Juggernaut Training System™—a unique and specialized combination of clean/dirty nutrition, weight training, cardiovascular workouts and supplements. Since then, Team Juggernaut have become renown for transforming physiques into strong, healthy bodies with a unique and distinctive emphasis on muscularity with pleasing symmetry.



Carl and the other coaches provide that personal “fine tuning” to your diet and exercise program to help you get past your barriers and reach your personal fitness goals.  The team is here to motivate you, inspire you and yes, commiserate with you while dieting for a contest!

Join the team of experienced competitors and rookies who are looking to get the most out of each exercise, workout and meal.  Meet new friends around the country and find inspiration and guidance through a community of people dedicated to one goal…looking and feeling their best!

Team Juggernaut headquarters is an exclusive facility for training in Clinton Township Michigan. With full-service facilities, available in both Michigan and Ohio.™ is the parent company of Team Juggernaut™—This elite team of athletes competes Nationally in all Divisions of the IFBB & NPC.


Choose the appropriate personal assessment form below, depending on if you are training to compete or simply training just to get in shape and be healthy. Once you complete the personal assessment form, you will be contacted by our team ambassador who will be your personal assistant and guide you through the process from start to finish.  It’s that simple!



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Office: (586) 221-1622
Email: [email protected]

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