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Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.

Bodybuilding TEAM?

Bodybuilding is a single sport. You are the one eating the foods, the one putting in the work at the gym, the one that practices the posing and the one picking your suit etc. Bodybuilding is a selfish sport, the main concern is you and to build your best body to have on stage. But, wouldn’t it be easier to do it all together?

I joined Team Juggernaut last August, not knowing it would change my life. I truly found a family within the team. Our team is a group of like-minded individuals that push each other to be the best versions of us. Whether it is advice on diet, getting a workout in together or going through the struggles of prep together, we are there for each other. Knowing that everyone else on the team has your back makes it so much easier to be successful.

We have been growing, new people are joining the team and new lives are changed. The influence that we all have on each other is contagious. Bodybuilders carry themselves differently. We work inside and outside of the gym. We push weights but also limits. We put in hard work to grow muscles and our careers.

To be apart of such an amazing team has been a blessing for me and to be able to be apart of the team growing is an amazing opportunity for me as well.

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