Teach What You Preach - Mind And Muscle

Since bodybuilding has taught me so much, it’s a goal for me to educate people as well. My goal is to inspire, motivate and most of all educate people. I want to bust myths and actually back up the things I preach by research and facts.

I had 3 amazing coaches so far and have learned a lot from them as well. There is many different approaches to dieting and working out and none of them are better or worse. It’s important to find your own “style” of training and workout and find what your body and mind can use best.

It’s so important to understand that even if you are supposed to be dieting for a show, losing weight for aesthetics or trying to build muscle that that is only part of your life and not an excuse to be neglecting any other parts of your life. Your body and your mind need to be in balance in order for you to achieve and maintain your goal. The moment when you create habits, and you still enjoy life, that’s when you can actually maintain that lifestyle.

I am currently in the process of getting my degree in Exercise Science, I do a lot of research on all types of nutrition, workouts, training plans, coaching principles etc. I work as a strength and conditioning coach, I am in the process of getting my RYT 200 – a yoga therapist certification. I am looking into getting a dietetics certification and NASM personal training certification in the near future and want to coach.


My first client…

Carlie Manno approached me via an Instagram DM and asked me about talking to her for training and bodybuilding. She’s now one of my closest friends and allows me to train her. I created a meal plan and training plan for her that will get adapted weekly. She started using all types of supplements that I personally use as well.

She’s using T2 – fatburner, Wyked 3.0 – preworkout, Isomorph – whey protein as well as the Nocturnus – pre bedtime aminos.

This morning, she sent me her progress pictures and started following her mealplan to the T as well. Follow her on social media (see links) and check out her progress.

I can’t wait to see changes in her physique but also her mindset towards body image and training.


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